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Considered by bikers to be one of the best destinations in Italy and Europe for those looking for fun riding a mountain bike, the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area (Andalo, Fai and Molveno) never ceases to amaze.
To its 80 km of trail (served by 8 lifts) there are in fact: the new flow trail "Zanna Bianca", reachable by the Laghet-Prati di Gaggia cable car, the Andalo Trail Center (the heart of all the bike activities area) new charging stations for e-mtb and finally the institution of the "Bike Patrol" figure, real tutors available to riders.
The longest mtb season in the Alps
Getting there first is one of the Paganella area's missions, which this year too inaugurates the season already on the weekend of April 20 with the opening of the Molveno-Pradel cable car and the Pradel - La Montanara chairlift, running every day until 4 May. April 25 is the turn of the Fai della Paganella area with the Santel and Meritz chairlift which serves the Apocalypse Now, Mechanic Orange, Easy Rider, Peter Pan and Malghette flow-trails.
Finally, on 25 and 26 May, the Andalo - cableway opens
Doss Pelà serving the Willy Wonka, Hustle & Flow, Ribs Trail, Carton’s Trail and Secret Trail trails.
Throughout May the lifts will only work on weekends, while from June they will be open every day of the week.

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New trails
The flow trail offer in the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area is extended with the opening of the new trail “Zanna Bianca”, which will be inaugurated during the Trail Days from May 30th. A flow trail of intermediate difficulty that will use a plant never opened to bicycles in the Andalo area, the Laghet - Prati
of Gaggia. 3 kilometers long and with a vertical drop of 300 meters, Zanna Bianca will be the new "engaging trail" that will make all the bikers who love to ride the bike on the banks, north shore structures and jumps happy, joining the other flow trails that have become a must of the Paganella: Willy Wonka, Hustle & Flow, Blade Runner eter Pan and many others.
Ezio Cattani, project manager and trail builder of Dolomiti Paganella Bike, tells us about the flow trails: «The new White Fang, together with all the newly designed trails and other Paganella trails have been designed to be suitable for all bikers. They can also ride bikers of intermediate level not feeling inadequate and learning some skills safely, while the most advanced bikers enjoy pumping and making the most of the jumps.
A new Trail Center in Andalo
Another great novelty that enriches an already vast offer is the new "Trail Center", the official bike center of Dolomiti Paganella Bike that will be located inside the Andalo Life Park. A large structure that incorporates a shopping center of more than 300 square meters with a rental area. In the external area there is a pump track and several areas with different equipment that will use children and beginners, under the careful supervision of the MTB guides, in learning the initial skills. The trail center will also be the starting point for guided tours throughout the bike area and a meeting point for bikers.
New charging columns for e-mtb
The offer is also expanding for the many riders who choose the electric mountain bike to travel the trails in Paganella with the installation of new charging stations for electric batteries (Bosh, Yamaha and Shimano) which bring to 13 the number of columns available outside the shelters and huts of the entire bike area.

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Security first
MTB safety and culture have always been a sensitive topic in Paganella. From the very beginning the BIek area worked to get clear signs and directions along the trails on helmet use and the conscious use of trails, including living with walkers. For the first time in Italy the figure of the "Bike Patrol" is introduced, that is the tutor-facilitators who will have the task of enforcing the rules, providing assistance to the bikers who need help, but also giving suggestions on routes and connections. There will be three Patrols and they will be recognizable in clothing, obviously riding a bike in the different Bike Park Zones.
Trail Days: who starts well ...
This year the opening of all area trails will coincide with the "Trail Days", the international event organized by Specialized Germany. After four successful years in Laces and Kranjska Gora (more than 3,000 bikers at the last edition), Lake Molveno will be the new destination of the “Woodstock of mountain bike” which will take place from May 30th to June 2nd 2019. The concept is tested : good vibes, bike tests, guided tours, great music, great food and lots of party. A real "Bike Music festival" set up in the area of ​​Lake Molveno. A moment of confrontation and fun for all bikers, from rookies to pros.
Registration is required on the website to participate in the festival
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