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Carosello 3000 mountain-bike summer in Livigno VIDEO
Who would have thought? While outside nature has revived thanks to a shining sun, while the snow has melted, swelling the streams, while the animals woke up, we could only observe small pictures of the outside world from our windows. Yes, we had time to think and design, we met on skype and on the smart-working apps, we mounted our bike on the rollers, we exchanged funny videos on WhatsApp every minute. We have been able to adapt, because - as they say - life goes on.
But while we still hold on in this transformed everyday life, we dream that this virus can finally disappear forever. Because the truth is that now we have a mad desire to be back outside, to breathe the air of the forest, to let our mountain bike run-fast and feel free again.
From the Mountain of Livigno, we want to tell you what’s our plan for the "after lock-down". Because this Summer we probably have to stand one meter apart, but we can still stand on a bike.
After having to abruptly end an incredible skiing season, we want to make the Mountain accessible to mountain bikes again starting from the end of June (the exact date is still to be confirmed). Early Passes are available on our website, multi-day tickets in advance at an advantageous price.
Last summer we started the construction of a new single trail with spectacular panoramic views of the Federia Valley and Lake Livigno.

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We say nothing more than that, but combined with the initial stretch of the Coast to Coast and the final stretch of the Roller Coaster, this track will give you a 14 km long non-stop riding. We will try to complete it and make you experience it as soon as possible. If you want to receive the action-cam video and know the official opening date, you can subscribe to the Trail Alert service.
The Great Days are scheduled for July 17-19. On the program there is the famous and super-funny team competition (of 2 or 3 people) Tutti Frutti Challenge, a bike treasure hunt where you have to look for objects, take pictures and pass special tests scattered on the Mountain. The novelty of the 2020 edition is a special stage on The Bomb, a high-end enduro trail that, having been inaugurated in the second part of the last season, many of you probably couldn’t experience yet. And then much more: a descent at sunset, bonfire with music, barbecue in the woods and lots of opportunities to socialize in the outdoors. Program, information and registration for the Great Days are already available on this page. Should the event be cancelled due to particular restrictions (we are confident it will not be!), the amounts paid will be fully refunded. So, don't be afraid to book.
Also this Summer you can ride the Tutti Frutti Epic. A 50 km mountain-bike tour that includes part of the flow trails and some historical tracks of Livigno. The tour can be done in one day, accessible to everyone and can be covered with enduro, all-mountain and even cross-country mountain bikes. The Tutti Frutti route was designed by the legend of the mtb Hans Rey (in this quarantine period take a look at his new visual podcast focused on this tour) and has been reviewed by all main bike-magazines on the planet.
So, we are working to welcome you in Livigno in the best way, taking care of your safety and health according to the directives that will reach us from the authorities. We simply share with you our desire to be able to return to live in the open air soon, right up there where our heart beats fast.



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