Written by Virginia

Tutti Frutti Team Challenge Great Days Carosello 3000 Photo Fabio Borga 1

Exploration, strategy, fun. A treasure hunt on a mountain bike in search of animals, view-points, and a guy named Wally. The Tutti Frutti Team Challenge will be the highlight of the Great Days, a three-days event to celebrate the union between mtb riders and the Mountain. In Livigno from July 12th to 14th.
For the second time included in the program of Carosello 3000 event Great Days in Livigno, The Tutti Frutti Team Challenge, taking place on Saturday July 13th, is a format that combines exploration, tactics and riding. Participants will have to form a team of 3 to 5 people and ride the trails looking for check-points, objects and special challenges distributed along the Tutti Frutti Epic, a 45km tour designed by the pioneer of mountain-biking Hans Rey.
Every team will elect a “social media manager” with the task to post stories on his Instagram account to testify the completion of challenges. From the race office, the marketing team of the Mountain Park will check the notifications, updating the scores of the competing teams in real time. But what will the teams of the Tutti Frutti Team Challenge have to find?
Check Points, objects and animals: definitely the easiest part. Search for an object. It’s found. Take a picture and post it as a story on Instagram.
But it may not be as easy as it seems. Where can one find a cat at an altitude of 3000 meters?
Characters: While the objects are static, the characters move…on a mountain-bike. Participants will have the task to capture various characters with their smartphone: a biker with particular physical features, another one that has an FT Pro mudguard, or to find Wally, a celebrity wearing a red and white striped t-shirt, who will make his first appearance during the Great Days, then stay in Livigno for the whole season.
Photo-contest: in some challenges only one team will gain the score. These are photo-contests in collaboration with the drink partners of the Great Days. A picture that represents nature and sport, the values of the wellness drink Holy, and one which captures a friendly and party atmosphere with the 1816, the highest beer in Europe produced by the Livigno Brewery.
Super Check Point: an extra score will be assigned to those who manage to reach Monte delle Rezze, and more precisely the famous view-point called Madonon. At the moment the place is still covered by thick snow, but it has been melting quickly under the sun. Will it be possible to reach the Madonon on Saturday July 13th?
The registrations for the Tutti Frutti Team Challenge, as for the all other activities of the Great Days, can be made on the Carosello 3000 web site, or at the bottom of the Carosello 3000 gondola in San Rocco area on Friday and Saturday morning before the start of the challenge.
The Great Days 2019 will start on Friday, July 12th the Sunset Ride with Hans Rey and the Welcome Party at Marco’s Pub, where you will be welcomed by the “Rock’n’Roll Kamikaze”, who will present their new album “Campari and Toothpaste”.
On Sunday July, 14th the participants can choose among different activities like Ride & Yoga, a tour with the Italian enduro champion Jessica Bormolini, or riding with the Paralympic athlete Murat Pelit and the other guys from the Ti-rex sport association on the Explorer III and Jeetrike electric bikes, designed to enable people with physical disabilities to tackle the off-road trails. At lunchtime we will meet all together in the suggestive location of Plascianet for the Party in the Wood, with live music, barbecue and games.
If you think that mountain biking means freedom, outdoors, contact with nature and fun with other people, you certainly have to be in Livigno for the Great Days event.