Written by Mirko, amazing photos by Alex Luise


Hi guys, first of all I want to say thanks to Canyon Italia for the Strive Experience and in this article I want to tell you about my FIRST RIDE, that of one of our followers Alessio Mariotti who was one of the 10 lucky winners!
We left Friday afternoon from Cuasso al Monte at 3:30 pm, arriving in Terlago TN at 8:51 pm. Not even the time to say goodbye and immediately we were sitting at the table enjoying delicious appetizers. The traffic was now a distant memory, we were already sure that the weekend would be at the top.
After a good typical dinner, 4 chat with old friends, handshakes with new ones and Alex who never stops taking pictures even while eating, we went to our room where Canyon and Dainese made us find everything we needed for the next day: jersey, pants, gloves, socks and the new  Dainese Enduro Knee Guards 2 that we are trying these days and on which we will write an article test soon.
From the hotel to get to the first ps, the one that I think brought out the best qualities of the Strive, partly with fairly steep slopes uphill where you immediately notice how the Canyon Strive is a very pedaled vehicle thanks to the Shapeshifter that makes it an XC bike.


The first Ps starts immediately on typical white rocks of the Trentino region where the Strive behaves very well and after we find a mix of depressions where the convenience of the Shapeshifter begins to be indispensable.
On the final part of the path the Canyon Strive was perfect! I was very surprised by the agility he had, so much so that he looked like a dirt bike but with all the help of the shock absorbers.
The second Ps had a fairly slippery and very fast initial part until about halfway down, after the ground starts to dry and a driven undergrowth starts where the Strive flew between a curve, surprising me its accuracy that so far few bikes have given me.
The third Ps had the first part of rocks and finished Flow, and even here the bike behaved very well, as soon as the New Strive will be here we will test it on home trails and we will do a more specific article. 
Once in the room for a quick shower before leaving I realized that the Dainese clothes and protections are comfortable, the day was over and I almost didn't remember having them!
It was a really useful ride: sometimes home trails don't make us appreciate all the features of the bikes and the feeling with the bike just in the saddle is very important.


Back home I discovered that one of our followers, Alessio Mariotti, had won the Strive Experience and I decided to share what he sent us by e-mail:
"When I read the Canyon email I had been selected to try the new Strive, I almost didn't believe it. It took me a few seconds to realize, then the joy came.
The appointment is for Sunday morning, at 9.00 am at the agriturismo Le Vallene, Terlago TN.
Upon arrival you can immediately see Canyon and Dainese banners and flags, and once inside and parked the car, in plain sight, an endless series of Strives.
We are welcomed by Valentina, who after having registered the attendance, makes us sit in a small room, equipped with chairs, TV, and a fantastic Strive see 9.0 ltd
Stefano Marconi takes the floor and starts by projecting a video presenting the new Strive, presenting the new bike and the new shapeshifter. It continues with Davide Brugnoli who presents the Dainese line of protections.
Once the presentations are over, it's time to leave; in addition to a small bag, Canyon pays tribute to us with their shirt signed by Troy Brosnan and Mark Wallace, the jersey we will wear for the ride. Technical breefing to set the bikes, group photos taken by the legendary Alex Luise and off we go!
I have a CFR 9.0 ltd in size M (a little small for me), fox and circles Enve ... NOT BAD! The air is crisp but the climb warms up. The climb makes me appreciate the total blockage of the Fox suspension, which combined with the shapeshifter in XC mode helps a lot in facing the climb.
First descent, the beauty begins; the PS starts with ups and downs and then tackles very technical tight corners, where you can understand the behavior of the new 29 enduro bikes. Compared to a 27.5 it is necessary to slightly "anticipate" the curve, but the bike is well designed, and once you understand this, the game is done and the fun is assured. In addition, on the beaten track the 29 "go alone, just let them slide.
Once everyone is together, we leave for the second climb; let's get to know each other, to talk a bit about everything with Stefano and Davide, and with Luca Bortolotti, the guide who, riding a Spectral: on, accompanies us along the fantastic trails of Terlago.
On the second PS the game gets interesting: those who want to have fun part first, behind Luca, so as to whip the Strive well. I begin to take taste, the downhill soul of the Strive comes out, ups and downs, rock gardens, tight curves, I start having fun and letting the bike go faster and faster. I also try a hard pass on a big British Colombia style stone, which seems harder to see than to do. Last downhill sections in an artificial canal and off to lunch break, always accompanied by Alex Luise ready to photograph us in every corner.
Valentina and the Canyon staff are waiting for us and a rich buffet.
I change bikes, I take a CRR 9.0 team in size L, now the riding position is right, and I feel that I can ride better uphill. After an hour of rest and lots of talk, we set off again towards the third ascent and the third SP. I can perceive the difference between the Fox and RockShox suspensions, with the latter behaving in a slightly more "nervous" way, but if left to do they give a feeling and a greater response than Fox. I also manage to find myself better with an L (which would be my size) than the M, but unfortunately the descent is over and among all, including girls, we look happy and a little regretful. We have a last effort to go back to the farm, where we deliver the bikes (unfortunately), we have an excellent aperitif, greetings and the end of a wonderful day spent with Canyon, Dainese, Alex Luise, Luca Bortolotti and many guys with my own passion for MTB.
Thank you all and see you next! "
Being a beginner, a rider who gets it right or a real Pro doesn't matter, the bike must be ready for anything and this Canyon Strive is! After getting used to it (and it took me a day) at the controls of the Shapeshifter and the seat post the Strive satisfies all types of riders and, if you are thinking of changing bikes, this is definitely the one I recommend.
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