Written by Virginia


The first big snowfall is on Livigno. We’ve been waiting for this very moment to say a huge thanks to all you bikers for the summer spent together. And also to give you a heads up about some exciting news for our next mountain bike season: The Bomb Trail.
But first: thank you! It was great to see so many of you—almost 15,000 in total!—bringing your all-mountain, enduro and cross-country bikes to our trails. Thank you for your special appreciation for the new “Bikers United” Trail, and for taking your kids on the “Bike Academy” trail to give them a taste of one of the best outdoor sports to have ever been invented. Thank you for all your positive comments and the photos you’ve sent us, which are further proof to us that we are on the right track (because, let’s be honest, when we started four years ago, a lot of people thought we were crazy): creating a completely new and different bike area, not designed for downhill bikes, but where everyone can find their comfort zone, where it’s not all about adrenaline, but having fun in good company and enjoying the natural environment.


We would like to say a special thanks to all the ladies, as so many of you came with your smiling faces to enjoy the mountain. It was great to see you flying the flag for female mountain bikers, and the mountain wouldn’t have been the same without you.
And now for some exciting news about next year. When the mountain park opens again for the new summer season, you will find a new trail which—you have our word for it—will be pure fun. A rough and ready enduro trail, most of which has been built by hand, along the rocky ridge of the Polvere slope. Skiers will already know where this is, but for everyone else it’s that ridge that divides the Val del Canton, going from the Carosello 3000 Refreshment Centre towards the gondola mid-station.


If the “Enduro” and “Bikers United” trails have made their mark and taken Carosello 3000 beyond the limits of flow riding, this new trail, “The Bomb”, will be another step towards more natural riding in harmony with the shape of the land. This 3km-long single-trail makes the most of the natural geography of the land, with rocky passages, tight curves and long paved sections thanks to the use of rocks found on site. This trail will give you freedom and take you light years away from your everyday worries.
For those who love the outdoors and mountain-biking, especially on natural and technical trails, The Bomb will be an unmissable experience every time you visit Livigno, also known as Italy’s ‘little Tibet’.
If you're based in the UK (or if you’re heading that way): from January our inspirational supporter Hans Rey will be touring and giving talks called ‘Riding Life - Speakers from the Edge’ (check out the dates here). He will be talking about our Tutti Frutti Epic project and its stratospheric media success, as well as some really interesting other projects and his charity Wheels4Life. If you get the chance, go and listen to him.
And now if you’ll excuse us, we have a winter season ahead where we will be talking about some great skiing and freeride. But, just like you, we can't wait to get back on our mountain bikes again.