Written by Virginia

Area Jump Faizone

It was the perfect mix. Six friends, a Volkswagen Amarok pickup, and the Dolomiti! Sharing all the details in one article will be tough, but I'll try!
Molveno, Andalo, Fai della Paganella, Cavedago, and Spormaggiore are the five locations that make up one of the most beautiful bike destinations in Trentino, with over 400Km of routes of various levels. Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area is equipped with specific signs, maps, itineraries, GPS tracks, BiciBUS service, shuttle, equipment rentals, lifts, guides, and courses. In short, if you have an MTB here, absolutely nothing is missing! With 7 months of annual operation, Paganella has the longest open period of any MTB park in Italy. At the Molveno,beginner's area, you can find the Big Hero, Blade Runner and Goonies built in the name of flow. Then, in the legendary bike park called the Fazione area, you can find Easy Rider, Arancia Meccanica and Apocalypse Now, and the Peter Pan flow trail.
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Peter Pan Flow trail - Faizone

For Enduro lovers, there is a wide variety of natural singletracks in the Brenta Dolomites forests. I suggest the Bear trails and the Lake to Lake, which thanks to the use of the systems and the BUS bike allow routes of 40-60 km with negative gradients of more than 3,000 / 4,000 meters to be carried out during the day.
One piece of big news this year is the e-charger service. There are 10 charging stations distributed throughout the territory, equipped with e-bike specific chargers.
It's nice to see how this park tries to satisfy everyone. I think the e-bike is definitely an option that I will take into consideration every season.
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Willy Wonka - Andalozone

We stayed at the Hotel Lido, where we received friendly and sunny reception that made us feel at home. The bikes were safe for the night and we slept well with a good dinner. I recommend this little place both for the convenience of the facilities and for the proximity to Lake Molveno. It was impossible to ride a majority of the trails, so we focused on the most popular options. 
We loaded up our bikes and headed for Andalo where we rode Willy Wonka. It was pure fun! The flow with fast and fun curves between the wood and built jumps felt like a drug. We could not stop. The best part was the first 300 meters of silent rolling. You could only hear the hubs that turned and the screams of happiness from riders! What amazed me most about the whole area is the difference in the tracks. We moved from super flow tracks where you can forget your brakes without worry, to the technicality of more natural tracks.
Another stop was the Faizone. Peter Pan trail, with his flow, is absolutely the track I prefer. you can open the gas and let go while having fun. At various points the trail is connected with Easy Rider, allowing you to move from one path to another, alternating the flow sections, with the technical ones of the Easy Rider.

Bear Trails - Enduro Paradise

The Bear Trails are a must. For a brief itinerary in the enduro Paradise: 59 km long, with over 4,000 meters of descent and the use of 6 different lifts, passing from Molveno, Andalo, Fai della Paganella, Cavedago and Spormaggiore, with the possibility of riding directly through the Spormaggiore Wildlife Park, in close contact with wolves, lynxes, bears and other animals. These are perfect trails to experience the spirit of mountain biking.
The only advice I can give you for fun in this area is to study the routes well before and certainly think about going for more than a weekend! 
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At the lake of Molveno in the morning, when there is still silence and the light is a sea beam, you will want to stay all day to admire this marvel of nature!

Molveno Lake