Written by Virginia


One day a message arrived on Instagram: it was Jean who asked me to share their story with my followers. Here she is:
“For years now, a group of dedicated souls making up the Misery Mountain Bike Association, have been putting together a solid group of volunteers to work toward making our beautiful Mountain of Misery a year round destination for outdoor recreation.  In the summer and fall of 2017, the group put on four trial days, using the t-bar to bring mountain bikers up the hill, which resulted in tons of fun for the community and an overall success.
Our next mission is to start developing dedicated mountain biking trails on Misery Mountain so we can continue and improve the fun had on our trial days!  This is a very precise and expensive endeavor!  Three years ago, professional mountain biker and trail developer, Jay Hoots, developed a trail plan for the location and we would like to purchase that plan for $7500 (may end up being more expensive). Check out Jay’s site and work here: WWW.HOOTS.CA


Many grants our organization would like to apply for require existing plans in order to be eligible for funding, therefore we are attempting to organize successful fundraisers and are coming to GoFundMe for help to acquire these plans.  Once the plans are in hand, we can apply for these grants to begin trail development on Misery Mountain!
We are hoping to reach out to other Mountain Bike enthusiasts to help us create our dream up here in the north where the closest hill is 2 hours away. Thank you for your donation and for your help in making our beautiful hill a year round attraction! “

Check out their Facebook Page HERE. Let us help them realize their dream!