Press release Vittoria


The new Enduro tyre for mixed terrain.
Mazza was born from the input and collaboration of Vittoria with rider of the Enduro panorama. The result is a technologically advanced tire that brought the performance of Enduro coverings for mixed terrain to another level.
Mazza has a well-defined tessellation centrally and the deep notches present on the dowels in the direction of rotation allow the tire to roll quickly in the direction changes. The step at the base of the dowels works like a ramp but also sinks into the ground during the climb, allowing the Mazza to be an excellent option both at the front and at the rear.


The large empty spaces in the central part of the tread provide braking traction and encourage self-cleaning from mud and debris. On corners, the progressive notches of the dowels (Vittoria’s own technology) guarantee grip and grip. The Mazza’s taxis are high enough to sink in different types of soils. The tread uses 4 layers of rubber (4C technology) enhanced by graphene giving adherence to the surface and strength to the base. This composition of compounds ensures tightness in the most extreme curves, constant speed even in curves and durability of the tread.
Mazza is available in XC-Trail and Trail carcasses, in the following sizes:
Price: €62.95



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