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When we launched the Spectral:ON two years ago, it immediately turned heads. Here was a rebel of a mountain bike that apparently missed the memo that e-MTBs were supposed to be clumsy and uninspiring. The Spectral:ON was playful. It was capable. It lived to get rowdy.
Today, we introduce the next generation of Spectral:ON and it clearly still hasn’t got the message, because it’s lighter, just as nimble, and even more disruptive.


The Spectral:ON now features a sleek, carbon front triangle and neatly integrated internal battery. The new design is lighter, just as stiff, and, more importantly, it lowers the bike’s centre of gravity – effectively turning the bike into even more of a corner-carving downhill beast. While we were at it, we fine-tuned the bike’s geometry and suspension kinematics with an eye to increasing rider control, going up and down the mountain.
The Spectral:ON is powered by you and Shimano’s E8000 drive system – one of the most reliable e-assist systems available. Shimano’s lightweight and compact motor gives us the flexibility to design the best-handling chassis possible. What’s more, the E8000 system is capable of tripling your pedalling power with a smooth and natural feel that leaves you in complete control of your ride.
E-mountain bikes can exact a heavy toll on their components. After all, when you introduce a motor to the mountain bike equation, you also add weight, speed, and mileage to the mix. That’s why the Spectral:ON is equipped with massive 203 mm rotors and powerful four- piston disc brakes. It explains why we spec each model with burly FOX 36 or RockShox Lyrik forks. And, finally, it’s the reason we obsess over every little detail: from tyre casings to freehub bodies. You’re going nowhere fast if your components suddenly bite the dust in the middle of your ride.


A fibre-reinforced skid plate that simultaneously shields the motor from rocks and serves as a bash guard for your chainring. A custom Canyon SD:ON saddle gives you more leverage to scale steep climbs. Our Canyon:ON bar and stem reduce cockpit clutter by allowing you to route wiring through the bar and stem. 
And a top-tube mounted USB-C charging port ensures that you never run out of the juice to power up your light, smartphone, GPS unit, or other devices you want to bring along for the ride. The Spectral: ON is a pure and considerably more aggressive trail bike than the newly launched younger sister, the Neuron: ON. The Spectral: ON will be available in four sizes from S to XL, ensuring the perfect fitting for riders with heights between 166 and 192 cm. Four versions in the range: Spectral: ON CF 7.0 and CF WMN 7.0 (€ 4,599), Spectral: ON CF 8.0 (€ 5,599) and Spectral: ON CF 9.0 (€ 6,999) *. All models are equipped as standard with telescopic seatpost, SD: ON saddle specifically designed by Canyon, 34: CN: ON front crown, 4-piston calipers with 203mm discs and switch integrated in the upper tube with USB-C charging socket . The flagship of the range, the Spectral: ON CF 9.0, is equipped with a new carbon fiber cockpit that guarantees unparalleled strength and comfort and integrates the cables for a clean look. All models are available from Tuesday 17 March exclusively on


Canyon presenta la nuova Spectral:ON! La più grande innovazione è senza dubbio la raffinata integrazione del sistema di trasmissione e della batteria all'interno del telaio. ...

Press release: for 2020, Canyon have made the Neuron:ON even better, by fully integrating the e-drive system on all models in the entire range.

We started with an idea:  ride an old bike... The heckler is not just an electric bike but a new Santa Cruz, an important name that deserves to be brought.