Written by Virginia



I've been cycling for four years now and I've always been skeptical about using the SPD pedals. I know that I won't just get off the bike and fall like a fool, but it's a small price to pay for the stability and safety that I have in the saddle with flats!
I've been using the Five Ten Kestrel Lace shoes with clipless pedals for a couple of months and they are working really well. Check out all the models on
Moving from flats to shoes with SPD cleats I noticed a nice difference in stiffness of course. Five Ten has designed these shoes to load the rider's power on the pedals, and actually, the Kestrel Lace's rigid sole supports the foot quite well. With flats the pressure was felt in only one point when riding rough trails, while with the Kestrel the weight is distributed on my whole sole, giving my foot less stress.


I often stop to take pictures during the tests, so I need to be able to walk easily in cycling shoes. I didn't notice much difference between these and flats when walking around. After a couple of rides, the shoes softened. I did not know that they could be so comfortable.
The difference between Five ten's Freeride and the Kestrel is very minimal. 
Last weekend my friend Bruna also tried a pair (I have never seen her wear anything other than MTB flats) and she too was amazed at the immediate comfort they provide! Soft to walk, rigid to ride.
The lack of rubber blocks where you need traction definitely does not help, but they are not made for walking! 


We all know that the Stealth C4 Dotty sole works well. I devised a walking style to maintain traction, which you can see if you meet me in the woods!
Let's talk about the mounting of the cleats: the slide allows you to make a precise adjustment to a position where you are comfortable.
After a bit of testing I tightened the screws and it's perfect! After each ride, I always check the screws to see if they are tight.
Another positive note of the Kestrel Lace is the closure with a very strong velcro: after having fastened them the first time I did not think about it until the evening.
In short, it's a great all-around shoe, super comfortable from the first use. It has the right setup that ensures you always have your foot in the correct position and helps to cushion the vibrations. Highly recommended. 



Built off of the success of the original Kestrel, the women's Kestrel Lace is designed to transfer power to the pedals as efficiently as possible with a classic lace closure, lower total volume, and tighter fitting heel. The Kestrel Lace features a Stealth® C4™ outsole and wider cleat interface that is compatible with every type of SPD pedal. The shank of the Kestrel Lace is nylon, making it about 15% less stiff than the Kestrel, while an EVA midsole provides excellent shock absorption.



- Stitched Stealth® C4? rubber outsole
- Compatible with all SPD pedals
- Perforated toe vamp & mesh tongue for extra breathability
- Non-slip heel cup to reduce torsional flex
- Compression molded EVA midsole with nylon shank
- Poly-urethane (PU) coated synthetic upper
- Sleek, low-profile design
- Velcro lace strap
- Weight: 384g
- Stealth C4: Stealth C4 Dotty outsole offers vibration and shock dampening but still provides grip when off the bike excursions require it.


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