Written by Virginia


A new innovative product born from the experience of MrWolf engineers and the KnowHow resulting from collaboration with the manufacturer of the Enduro World Championships motorbike mousse: SmartMousse is here, the first real anti-puncture solution dedicated to eBikes. 
A solution that combines the best of injection technology with the convenience of air to customize and make the feeling of the product on the bike absolutely unique.

Coupling the innovative "C" section of the polymeric ring with a dedicated micro air chamber guarantees reliability, performance and lightness.
The mousse damps bumps, giving your bike new grip and comfort; the inner tube, on the other hand, allows you to modify wheel set response as you like, to adapt to every need, and always get the best results.


Thanks to its "C" section, SmartMousse protects the micro-tube making it impossible to pinch or cut it. MrWolf offers all customers 12-month insurance cover on punctures, included in the purchase price!
SmartMousse means "no more tire sealant"! You no longer need to latex your tires, you no longer need a perfect seal to your tubeless rim, you no longer need to replace your tire if it is cut. In fact, with SmartMousse you can continue to use your tires until they are completely worn out.


SmartMousse offers unprecedented traction coupled with maximum customization potential. The elastomeric part absorbs all impact and deforms in close contact with the ground, guaranteeing outstanding grip.
The micro air chamber, on the other hand, guarantees maximum customization by radically changing the behavior of the wheel set according to the pressure selected.
Damaged rims become a distant memory with SmartMousse. All stress and impact from the ground is now completely dissipated by the mousse.


SmartMousse does not mean an increase in weight. You just need to choose a lighter tire to balance the weight on the wheel set. The tire casing is no longer a binding parameter for protection against punctures nor for the support offered. SmartMousse, in fact, supports the tire casing and, even if the casing gets irreparably cut, you’ll still be problem-free.
All MrWolf products use the experience and quality that only Made in Italy can offer. SmartMousse is produced entirely in Italy and every single product is monitored for at least 45 days after production before being placed on the market.
When you think of the concept of mousse it is easy to think about long levers and dedicated tire changers. SmartMousse on the contrary, thanks to its section, which is specifically designed for eBikes, ensures quick and easy assembly.

During the presentation SmartMousse is leaving us without words, but we will have the possibility to test it very soon.
Follow us to discover our opinion on this innovative product that seems to be just I know pawerful!


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