Written by Virginia


WD-40 BIKE is a new range of products to take care of our bikes.
Regular use of the WD-40 BIKE products extend the life time of our bike with the guarantee that a brand like WD40 can give us.
On the market there are many varieties of products for the cleaning bike, but with the passage of time are too aggressive on seals and moving parts.
With little amount of product we got a great result: less waste and bike to the top!


The cleanser is very delicate but at the same time aggressively on tough dirt.
In addition to the mud and dust that normally I find on my bike, it really like this product has eliminated the midges that had caked on the frame.
Regularly use the bike rack and I always had to argue to get the shiny bikes also using specific products for insects but with WD40 cleaner had no problems.
I loved it degreaser for the chain after a few seconds the sliding dirt away immediately and did not have to work very hard with the brush.
A brand like WD-40 never disappoints, you can find all the details HERE.


WET CHAIN LUBRICANT: Keep rolling under extreme conditions with WD-40 BIKE® Wet Lube formula. Specially Formulated for wet, muddy & extreme conditions, the Wet Lube provides a durable coating that helps repel water and mud and helps protect your chain to extend its life. Plus, the proprietary no-wax formula won’t leave a sticky residue on your drivetrain.
ALL-CONDITIONS CHAIN LUBE: All-Conditions Lube to your chain for high-performing lubrication for any dry, wet, or varying conditions. The fast and easy to use formula helps prevent squeaks and extends the life of your chain. Its special formula does not contain wax, which can build up inside chain links and drivetrain and leave a sticky residue. Contains corrosion inhibitors for optimal chain protection.


CHAIN CLEANER & DEGREASER: Chain Cleaner & Degreaser foaming action clings to bike surfaces to deeply penetrate and quickly remove stubborn grease and grime from bike chains and the rest of the drivetrain. Safe for bike finishes and components and does not contain citrus, which can damage varnishes and paint.

ALL-PURPOSE BIKE WASH – BIODEGRADABLE: All-Purpose Bike Wash is safe and easy-to-use. The biodegradable formula is powerful enough to help remove embedded grease and grime that can cause component wear or damage and surface scratching. Safe for all bike surfaces including carbon fiber, titanium, chrome, steel, aluminum, rubber and plastics.