Written by Virginia


The Ergon SMD2 Comp saddle was developed for downhill but I have tried it with my Enduro Bike.
Smooth design allows for maximum freedom of movement: it is convenient to support the inner leg during berms thanks to the padding along all saddle edges.
The saddle chassis is much more impact resistant - in landing on jumps - and the shape gives more space to the rubber while avoiding further impacts.
Ergon SMD2 Comp has a Carbon Composite jacket and anti-slip surface that guarantee durability and further grip.
After months of use is still new: this is one of the guarantees of an important brand like Ergon.
Unfortunately when there is so much mud I did not feel much difference: when the soil is dry the material creates the right friction to get more grip, but when it rains it looks like a normal saddle.
I recommend it for those who do not have long laps and have fun in bikepark.
Find out all models here: www.ergon-bike.com


Brighten up your ride! During an intensive development period, the SMD2 Comp was developed with the help of professional downhill riders.
The SMD2 Comp is highlighted by its robust and stable CroMo rails, which are available in three different color options: blue, red, and stealth.
The entire surface design follows a tilted saddle orientation and offers the rider complete freedom of movement over the bike.
The guidance of the bike with the inner leg is improved through the circumferential padding found on the edges of the saddle.
Clearance at the rear of the saddle allows for undistrupted tire and suspension travel.
With a carbon composite shell and the anti-slip seating surface the SMD2 Comp is an added advantage to your downhill riding.


Name: SMD2 Comp
Use: MTB, Gravity, Downhill
Weight: ca. 215 g*
Size: One Size
Color: Red, blue, black
Shell: Carbon Composite
Rail: CroMo
Cover: Microfiber with Anti-Slip Surface
Padding: 360° Edge Padding