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For the past couple of months, I have been testing Mr. Wolf's banger system, which uses a low-density Technopolymer, designed and developed specifically for MTB puncture protection. 
Banger absorbs impacts and vibrations and increases sensitivity and stability.

Many consider MrWolf's Banger to be simply an anti-puncture system, and while it does reduce the risk of punctures or cuts to your tires by 90%, I would also recommend it for greater stability and comfort on the trail. 
I did have some issues when I tried to mount my tires with the system installed. I was unable to mount the first tire on my wheel without help. I used the Banger insert with the Schwalbe Addix tires (which are firm tires). For some reason, the second tire fitted easily. 
You can read the Banger mounting tips HERE
Banger reduces the volume of air inside the tire by 95%: MrWolf recommends that the rubber tire inflates by 0.1 bar less than usual.
I recommend doing several tests before deciding no your pressure because even 0.1 bar made a big difference.
I have tried Banger with my pressure at 0, from 1.0 bar to 1.9 bar: from 1.0 to 1.6, and my bike was glued to the ground. I found that the bike became super cushioned and manageable. WHAT DIFFERENCE!


A normal tire on the left - MrWolf on the right.


My first test of the system was to hop onto a sidewalk. In this little test, the Banger hugged the tire, and the system was problem free.
I was speechless when I jumped with the Banger inserts, my tires and dampers worked together to make the landing much softer.

At 1.9 bar the bike was still stable, less soft, but perfect for pedaling.

Banger is also helpful on steep climbs, with improved traction while I was pushing hard on the pedals.
What surprised me the most was how it felt after I removed all of the air form my tires. The wheel was safe, maintained great stability, and the tire did not come unseated. If you flat, you can finish the trail without having to think about your wheel being damaged.


Before writing this review I removed the Banger inserts, and on the rear there was a gash in the insert. This was likely caused by a landing on the roots, but it did not compromise the performance of the insert the next day.
If you have the chance to try them, MrWolf's Banger will be the winner of your ride, and keep your tire costs down as well!

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Banger is suitable for any type of user, from amateurs to professionals, and is available for all formats currently on the market. Banger is available in diameters 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ and in 4 different sizes: XC, Enduro/Trail, Downhill and eBike/Plus.