Written by Virginia


Mudguard: yes or no?
I was always puzzled about the use and robustness of mudguards, then I discovered Madflap!

Madflap is born of the passion for bikes and the MTB world, with the reliability of Adolfo Felisati & C. s.n.c., a market leader in the production and processing of resistant plastics. 
Madflap mudguards are handmade and silk screened in Italy with high-quality materials. They are constructed with polypropylene, a durable and flexible material available in a variety of different colors. Madflap is one of the few companies on the market that uses Serigraph printing.
Serigraph is a high-quality, highly scratch-resistant, and abrasion-resistant printing material that does not fade in the sun and is much more durable than other options.

Customizing mudguards for your Event or Team is a very easy and fun process. Madflap offers a graphic designer (a single graphic) to create graphics and colorways that look great, at no extra cost.

Madflap is a company that meets the needs of its customers with high quality.
What is your favorite mudguard?
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The idea and concept of Madflap was born from our passion from bicycles. Our Team is personally involved in all the production phases. All Madflaps products are entirely handmade in Italy.
All products are carefully designed and its production process starts in our graphic department. From the design and development of the graphics to the first prototype.
From the graphic product we move to the preparation of the machinery and the screen printing frames. The silk-screen printing makes it possible to have a high quality print with rich and long-lasting colours.
After the print-out of our products, fenders and adhesives are cut. Thanks to laser technology we can get to a unique and extremely precise final result.


Material: 800 micron polypropylene
Printing: Silk-screen printing
Laser cut
Colors available: Black, white and transparentGraphics: yellow, red, pink, blue, black, orange, green and white
Possibility of customization for events and Team.