Written by Giulia


To start off i would like to share my experience with grips. I was experiencing blisters after two trails and numb hands. I tried to use different grips of varied sizes and consistencies, but the negative feeling during and after the ride changed little.
I've been testing Bikeribbon's Freakwave for several months and we've been getting along well. The grips are very soft, and they absorb the bumps really well. The blisters are gone and at the end of the day, my hands feel less tired!
I had some trouble mounting them on the bar, but once mounted the grips quickly formed to a comfortable shape.


Freakwave has recently updated their bar-end plugs. In the previous models, the plugs were fitted with a rubber stopper that was easily removed, and now the grips have a plug fitted with a self-locking screw to hold them tight.
Various cuts and colors allow riders to add character to their bikes, increase hand grip, and feel more stability when in wet conditions.
Bikeribbon's Freakwave grips are really a great product, and you can find all of the colors on www.bikeribbon.com


Comfort ●●●●●●
Grip ●●●●●●
Lockring system: Without
Performance: Freeride, CrossCountry, Downhill, Enduro, Marathon
Construction: 100% Silicone / double compound
Inner Mold Structure: No
grip tech specifications
Internal Diameter: 14.5mm
External Diameter: 28 mm
Once Installed: I.D. 22mm – E.D. 34mm
Length: 130mm
Weight: 70 grams each complete set
inside each package
2 grips, 2 silicone plugs with reflective top.