Written by Virginia


What does every DH rider want? Perfect suspension.
The perfect fork doesn’t exist, but an easily adaptable fork does. Adjustability was Formula’s primary goal when they began developing their new DH forks. Their Nero-R and Nero-C are the grand results of this journey. Given the breadth of information on both forks, we will stick to the Nero-R for this review, and save the Nero-C for a future post.NeroR1

On the air side of this squish-equation, the “3Air” is the technological heart of the Nero-R. The fork features a three air chamber system: Gold (end-stroke progressivity), Silver (positive) and Bronze (negative). The use of this 3Air technology allows full customization of the spring curve. 
The clear advantage of this system is that riders can shape the fork’s performance to their particular liking, with the ease of a standard shock pump. From the linear feel of a coil spring to a more progressive ramped-curve, riders can dial this fork to match their exact riding style and current terrain qualities with small adjustments in pressure.
Instructions on just how simple it is to dial this for can be found HEREQUI.


The Gold valve of the Nero R fork controls the progressive end-stroke of the spring curve.
This chamber is the heart of the innovative 3Air system. This third chamber of the Nero R allows you to fine-tune the compression curve from approximately half of the travel, through to the end of the travel, thus allowing for extremely accurate setup and customization levels without the use of any tools or air volume spacers. 
During a race weekend, where the track changes every run and where time is of the essence, the 3Air system of the Nero R will allow you to reach your ideal setup in only a few minutes. 
By adding 10 PSI or more through the Gold valve will give you a much more progressive feel. Remove 10 PSI or more through the Gold valve for a more linear behavior towards the end of the travel.


The negative chamber of the Nero R is controlled by the Bronze valve. Through this valve, you can fine-tune the feeling of the fork in the initial part of the travel. 
If you are looking for more small bump compliance you can simply add few PSI, and for a firmer feeling at the beginning of the travel simply decrease the pressure a little. 

The setup of the Nero R is quite straight ahead; just follow the pressures suggested on the chart you’ll find on the fork leg. The sequence of the World Champs podium is a good device to recall the particular order you will want to follow when adjusting fork pressures: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 
Every Nero R will be equipped with a cutting-edge high-pressure pump compatible with all suspension brands. To avoid any air loss when detaching the pump from the valve, you can also try a pump with a quick-release mechanism instead of the traditional screw-on model. 

We are really excited by this news from Formula, and we look forward to testing the Nero R soon!
More info on the Formula website: www.rideformula.com