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Vittoria presents the new "energy-saving" and durable tiresdedicated to the e-bike world, we are already testing them and soon you will read how they work, stay tuned!
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Utilizing the most popular treads in MTB, as well as the proven 4C and Graphene 2.0 compounds, the new Vittoria e-MTB tire line focuses on battery life and durability, while still providing the performance that riders have come to expect.
The 4C layer process and Graphene 2.0 compound technologies are both award-winning advancements in the chase for increased performance. However, the advantages of 4C and Graphene 2.0 don’t end at performance. Vittoria now harnesses these technologies specifically for e-MTB applications, where efficiency and longevity are paramount.
Battery-saving tires built to last long
Because of their power, e-MTBs need treads that do not wear out fast. Graphene improves the tread durability and rolling. This trait is very important as it positively affects the battery consumption, extending the battery life. The 4C technology, the layering process allowing to place 4 different layer of rubber compound in the same tread, improves the knobs strength and flexibility. Therefore, they can better resist to the strong accelerations of e-MTBs (they do not tear off because of the higher torque) without compromising the grip.
Whether you need XC, Trail or Enduro tires, the Vittoria e-Range has you covered
Vittoria’s e-MTB compatible tire range begins with some of our most popular MTB treads. With the power of Graphene reinforced compounds, these treads exceed the testing standards for e-bike compatibility, all while providing the familiar ride quality you’ve come to expect. Whether you need XC, Trail, or Enduro tires, the Vittoria e-MTB range has you covered. Let’s go through them in detail:


XC | e-Barzo
Riding technical XC on your e-bike? The e-Barzo is your choice for traction and range. How can such an aggressive XC tire roll so fast? The magic starts in the center tread, where we place an alternating ridge design, and progressive sipe angles. Cornering duties are handled by the moto-style block knobs, laid out in a proven V-formation. The result is a tire that corners as fast as it rolls, while still offering the protection of a full depth tread. Rocks and roots? Check. World Championship? Check.
Graphene 2.0 compound reduces rolling resistance, increasing range and battery life
Aggressive XC tread for the most technical terrain
Medium spaced knobs for a range of terrain and conditions
MSRP: € 59.95


Trail | e-Agarro
Enduro inspired performance meets XC efficiency – for your e-bike! By borrowing the best traits from the popular Martello, Barzo, and Gato models, the Agarro utilizes proven technologies from both the Enduro and XC categories. This combination of performance is ideal for the Trail category, as it provides predictable grip and efficiency in a mix of conditions.
Graphene 2.0 compound reduces rolling resistance, increasing range and battery life
Leading edge steps for fast rolling (like a ramp), but better climbing in technical terrain at slow speeds
Progressive sipe width for tactile grip on rocks and roots
MSRP: € 62.95


Enduro | e-Mazza
The e-bike version of the new Vittoria Mazza raises the bar on e-Enduro performance for mixed terrain! Starting with a defined center tread, the e-Mazza uses deep siping in the direction of rotation, allowing the tire to roll fast while still opposing drift. The stepped leading edge rolls like a ramp, but digs in on climbs, making e-Mazza a top choice for both front and rear use. Substantial room was designed into the center tread to provide braking traction, while also accelerating cleaning. Cornering on the e-Mazza is handled by Vittoria’s trademark progressive sipe width technology, which gives a gummy inside effective edge, but without the instability that competitors experience on the outside of the tread. e-Mazza’s generous tread depth claws into a range of terrain, and is stabilized with Vittoria’s proprietary 4C compound layering process. Four separate Graphene 2.0 compounds are layered, allowing the surface of the tread to remain tacky, while the base remains planted. This ensures each effective edge is kept in place under high cornering and braking loads, leading to reduced rolling resistance, and increased wear life.
Graphene 2.0 compound reduces rolling resistance, increasing range and battery life
Aggressive profile with ample side spacing for mixed terrain
Progressive sipe width provides tactile grip on roots and rocks
MSRP: € 62.95


Enduro | e-Martello
e-Martello hammers home the performance you expect, while extending your ride! Looking for the one tire to tackle a wide range of courses? This is the ticket. How does the Martello deliver this level of performance? Start with 4C Graphene compound, and top it off with a moto-inspired tread design with progressive width siping. This last part is key, and provides for a progressive feel on the effective edge, allowing for that fine-touch tactile feel that top racers expect. Whether shredding rocks, roots, or mixed terrain, e-Martello delivers!
Graphene 2.0 compound reduces rolling resistance, increasing range and battery life
Versatile all-conditions e-Enduro tire
Moto-block square knobs offers stability and durability
MSRP: € 62.95
Air-Liner tire insert
For the best puncture protection on your electric mountain bike, and for the best riding experience, Vittoria e-MTB range includes the Air-Liner tire insert. Punctures are no more an issue with Air-Liner, the ultimate insert for mountain bike tires. Air-Liner is a foam-based insert for tubeless tires designed for mountain bike riding. Re-usable and easy to set up, Air-Liner protects the rim, increases the grip and prevents pinch flats. Advantages for e-MTB applications are are countless:
Easy to set up
Durable - up to 2.000 km life span
Increased tire and rim protection
Absorbs high-frequence vibrations - comfort increased
Air-Liner protects the rim thanks to the new-generation polymer is made with, which makes the insert very solid and elastic at the same time. The insert can be used on both standard wheels and tubeless-ready wheels, with both tubeless and tubeless-ready tires, and with any type of sealant – preferably without ammonia. In addition, it fits any type of valve for tubeless.