Written by Mirko


We used them for the press camp with Canyon and we tried them on our home trails before we could write this article ...
The Enduro Knee Guard 2 have a structure designed for two years taking inspiration from nature to create the perfect product to protect the shank and kneecap combining the flexibility of the materials but maintaining breathability and leaving freedom even during longer rides.
I have to be honest: the first time I used them (I usually use light-weight kneepads) I didn't find it very well. I preferred to wait and sum up and now I can tell you that after the second exit they became a second skin.
I really appreciated the three Crash Absorb pads which, in the inner part of the leg, allow to avoid knocks against the frame and against the pedals.


The Enduro Knee Guard 2 are available from S to XL, the choice of size is very important and I recommend the "size guide" which I found very precise.
The Dainese Enduro Knee Guard 2 have an elastic in the upper calf area that prevents the protections from sliding down, while two bands with silicone inserts keep it stable.
About comfort the Dainese Enduro Knee Guard 2 knee pads are certainly not comparable to light-weight kneepads, but the level of protection is high.
Dainese has managed to create a comfortable knee brace with a level of protection with an edge over the usual enduro knee pads.
Surely the level of ventilation cannot be at the top, but wearing the Enduro Knee Guard 2 you feel safe, taking us to raise our level of driving safely.
There is no doubt about the choice of protections: the Dainese Enduro Knee Guard 2 are the perfect mix between comfort and high protection with the quality of a brand that works on MTB protection since 1997.

Buy your pair on www.dainese.it



The ENDURO KNEE GUARDS features a complex hybrid construction that mix togheter the extra mobility and breathability of the nature-inspired Pro-Armor with the high durability and impact resistance of the ABS technology. The engineered construction is conceived to cover specific areas of the knee bones like the kneecap and the shinbone, while the extended Pro-Armor construction provides great coverage to cartilages in case of sliding falls. An extra protection is offered by the three Crash Absorb pads on the inner section, that avoid bumps with the frame and other possible injuries. The ENDURO KNEE GUARD is developed around the shape of the knee, to provide the rider with extreme freedom of movement while pedalling and maximum comfort even after several km of aggressive riding. The choice of those who are always looking for impossible lines to be drawn. Now you can, safely.



MATERIALS: Airnet reinforced elastic sock, Crash Absorb soft memory foam, Jersey hole Highly Breathable, Run-Resistant mesh

PERFORMANCE SHOCK: Calf power strap, Pro Armor knee pads

PROTECTION: ABS rigid plates, Crash Absorb Side pads