Scritto da Virginia


My idea of a top bike is certainly to buy a well-fitted one, but also to replace some of the standard components to give it the right personality. That's why I recommend Switch Components, a brand distributed by Gist Italia which from 2016 offers a wide range of high quality products.
I personally contacted the Switch brand because I immediately appreciated the appealing style and the quality of the products offered, finding myself talking to guys full of determination and willing to get involved with a great passion for MTB.
As soon as the products arrived I immediately realized that Gist Italia wanted to present a line of products of excellent quality but accessible to everyone and I really liked this thing because some products that the market offers, in my opinion, really have exaggerated prices.
During this time I tested on my Lapierre Spicy team 2019 handlebar, stem, grips and seatposts, but discover all the Switch marked products on their site

Every rider has a driving style and Switch has different types of handlebars for all tastes. The choice between aluminum and carbon is also this personal and I wanted the handlebar WHIP ALU 35 aluminum was right.
Aluminum compared to carbon is more rigid and transmits more vibrations to the hands, but I prefer it because it makes me feel more on the fork.
In this case the Switch handlebar behaved well, I never had tired hands and my driving is always accurate.
Switch has chosen the 35mm to keep up with the new standards that we now find on almost all enduro bikes and we immediately realize the setting of a beautiful aggressive drive, never even that facilitates curves and stability.

Materiale: alluminio
Peso: 320 gr
Larghezza: 780 mm
Rise: 25 mm
Backsweep: 8°
Upsweep: 5°
Diametro: 35 mm
Articolo: 1107
Prezzo consigliato: 56,00 €



The stem Toboga 35 it is entirely CNC machined, aesthetically it has a simple design that sees corners and curved lines that make it simple but with a nice character thanks to the lines that have been left by the cutter. The glossy black brings out even more the word Switch that makes it stylish and aggressive at the right point. After tightening the 4 screws it becomes one with the handlebar and immediately a sense of solidity. With its 110 grams, it speaks for itself and makes it a 100% valid choice if you want to give the bike an extra touch.

Materiale: Alluminio 6061 lavorato al CNC
Peso: 115GR
Misure: 35-45MM
Diametro: 35MM
Prezzo: 64.50€


Before talking about the functioning of the Switch seatpost, I immediately appreciated the switch writing that comes out from the frame and the S on the manettino ... these details surely make the difference between products of the same quality.
The seatpost works well, the saddle slides well and locks precisely.
Operation is guaranteed by a sealed cartridge that makes maintenance simple and fast and it is possible to easily replace the cartridge and all the internal components of the seat post at a low cost.

Diametri disponibili: 31.6, 30.9
Lunghezza totale: 465mm
Escursione: 150mm
Cartuccia: sigillata
Peso: 595gr (31.6), 610gr (30.9)
Prezzo consigliato: 189,00 €


I found myself very well with the Kaleido Lock-in! Usually I only use gloves in bikepark, so I need a grip with grip in all situations but also soft. The Kaleido Lock-in ensure a stable grip and I found myself well with rain and sweat, situations in which my hands usually slip. Its PVC core allows you to use only one internal lock-on so as not to annoy the handle even during the most demanding descents when looking for the handlebar end.
Materiale: gomma
Diametro: 32mm
Utilizzo: XC/AM/DH
Peso: 80 gr