Written by Mirko


For all riders it is important to have the right clothing in all situations, echo because I want to recommend the Made in Italy Oxeego brand.
As soon as the products arrived I immediately noticed the difference with other brands: Oxeego is a brand that invests heavily in research and development to ensure more efficient rides.
I tested the Technical sleeveless base layer and the Pixels socks for a couple of months before writing this article because I wanted to pay particular attention to all the technologies that Oxeego has included in their garments.
Technical sleeveless base layer and socks at the end of the ride were never wet: the material of both products regulates body temperature, increases the micro circulation of the blood and then dries sweat quickly.
I have to say that the Oxeego Technical sleeveless base layer surprised me as far as comfort is concerned: I never could stand close-fitting clothes, but the fact that it does not tighten around my neck leaving me free and without seams makes it a second skin.


The Oxee O² technology studied by Oxeego allows the reflection of the infrared energy emanating from the body returning it in different wavelengths. This helps to improve physical activity with an increase in tissue oxygenation up to 24%. Furthermore, the tank top never gave me the feeling of warmth in moments of intense activity, managing to improve my performance.
The Pixels socks I found very comfortable and above all they compress our ankles at the right point, which are one of the most stressed points.
Another positive factor is surely the smell: the Pixels have an anti-bacterial Soft Touch sponge positioned under the fingers that keeps our feet dry and helps to counteract the development of bacteria.
More info about Oxeego's thecnology HERE.
After two months and so many washings I assure you that socks and tank tops are still perfect, no seam has opened and no threads are pulled.
I recommend 100% Oxeego products for greater comfort and top performance during our ride, I can assure you that you will be wearing a quality product, studied in detail to meet all the needs that the body with the quality of made in Italy.
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Technical sleeveless base layer
The Oxeego sleeveless base layer, made with the same technology of Oxeego socks (technology Oxee O²), allows the reflection infrared energy emanating from the body and return it in different wavelengths helping to improve physical activity increasing tissue oxygenation up to 24%.
Regulates body temperature by increasing microcirculation of the blood and keeps the surface dry in any situation quickly dissipating sweat.
Maximum comfort during sports activities is guaranteed by its ultra light weight and the slim fit and without seams that make it a second skin. The wide crew-neck with elastic edge also leaves the part at the base of the neck more free and less tight.
Ultra light
It improves tissue oxygenation (+24%)
It regulates body temperature
It maintains surfaces dry in every situation
High breathability
It eliminates sweat
To be worn in direct contact with the skin, ideal for all sports during all seasons.
More energy
Oxeego sleeveless base layer contributes to improving physical activity thanks to Oxee O² technology, which reflects the infrared Energy produced by the body by sending it back in different wave lengths.
Oxygenation increment
The reflected Energy reactivates the microcirculation’s mechanism of regulation, with a consequent increment of the tissue’s oxygenation. In healthy persons such increment could vary between 10 and 24%.
Temperature regulation
The yarn with which Oxeego Performance Base Layer is made helps regulating the body temperature in every situation, thanks to the increasing of the blood microcirculation activity, and of the humidity absorption.
Pixels, the ultimate cycling socks
The Oxeego Pixels cycling socks, made with the exclusive Oxee O² technology, exploits the infrared energy emitted by the body, increasing the oxygenation of the fabrics up to 24%.
It also helps to improve physical activity by giving a feeling of comfort during bike rides, both on and off road.
The Soft Touch antibacterial sponge, which regulates body moisture, is positioned under the toes and helps to counteract the appearance of environments suitable for the development of bacteria, always leaving the affected area dry.
The reinforcements on the heel also prevent annoying irritations caused by rubbing with the shoe during pedaling. At the center a large space of ventilation contributes to a correct transpiration of the foot.
Height: 23cm
Reinforcement: heel and toe areas with maximum breathability in the neck area and arch of the foot .