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Today we had fun testing the Zerofactory product dedicated to washing without water and to do this we we removed old and dry mud from Focus Sam 2019!
Many of you have asked me which specific product without the use of water I would recommend and surely a purchase to do is the Zerofactory BIKE WASH FOAM.
The BIKE WASH FOAM must be sprayed on the frame and components and in a few seconds, with a brush and a cloth, all the dirt disappears.
Unlike other products on the market it is not a liquid, but a thick foam that does not slip away and acts immediately on the dirt.

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I was amazed how it eliminates grease and dirt from the chain and sprocket and above all the foam without problems peels off the mud encrusted for days.
The Focus Sam 2019 has matte varnish and all those who have a dark matte frame know how hard it is not to create halos, but in this case after passing a dry microfibre cloth the Sam was like new.

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Post wash recommend the purchase and use of the ZERO FORK LUBE and the ZERO X-TREME LUBE.
The Zero Fork lube is the first lubricant introduced on the market for the external lubrication of the fork stems. It has an exclusive anti-dirt molecule and improves responsiveness at low speeds, increasing and improving the driving feeling and the flow.
It protects the sliding bushes and limits the wear of the stems and is ideal in the most extreme dirt conditions.
The Zero X-treme lube is a specific lubricant for Catena. Zero X-Treme lube is a product designed to reduce to the maximum negative effects of chain sucks due to high viscosity lubricants and the accumulation of dirt. Thanks to its liquid formulation it penetrates all the links of the chain creating a protective, water-repellent and anti-oxidant film; The exclusive dirt-repellent molecule makes it suitable in all weather conditions. Zerofactory recommends a moderate but constant application, do not remove excess.
Discover all ZEROFACTORY's products QUI.

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