Scritto da Samuele Baratella

What better occasion than the Italian Cyclocross Championships to take a closer look at the pro's bikes. Special thanks to the KTM ALCHEMIST DAMA SELLE SMP who gave us the chance to try one of their bikes, the KTM Canic by Loris Conca.


The bike does not differ much from the standard of the Austrian house, but the difference lies in the details, let's find out. Frame with soft curves and full carbon monocoque fork give great rigidity, but also great ability to absorb the "stress" kit presented in the unmistakable orange color of Ktm.
Smp Composit saddle mounted on a branded ktm propio post as an attack and handlebar bend, the latter covered by the Easigrip tape with very soft silicontape technology just to soften the blows.


Complete group Sram Force CX1, single-corar group dedicated to the world of cyclo-cross. I was not surprised by this choice, as mentioned is a set-up dedicated to the CX easy and intuitive to be used thanks to the doubletap technology controls, where we find a single lever to change ratio, thus making the changes easier and faster, eliminating among other things weight. Hydraulic controls with 140mm discs will look small but are more than enough in a CX race.


Sram force carbon crankset with 40t crown signed by Cruel Components even if it is changed often according to the route and Crank Brothers eggbeater pedals that give the possibility to hook the shoe on all four sides, I find that they are ideal for cyclocross where it often comes down from the bicycle and you have to hang up immediately without wasting too much time looking for the pedal.
Testing the bike I realized how silent and smooth the transmission and since I personally use the same group to run I noticed the difference, my comparison looks like a coffee mill, talking to the team mechanic I understand why , central movement and chain have been subjected to the Zerofactory, treatment, this particular process reduces friction (therefore ideal for bearings) makes the transmission components more resistant to wear and as mentioned makes transmission more silent.


What we do not find on the model series are the wheels the Alchemist Z30 that I personally found very rigid perhaps a bit 'too much for those who just want to have fun, but more than suitable for those looking for maximum performance.
Creating a light and rigid but at the same time resistant wheel was the goal of Alchemist who was able to realize its project by introducing the "Diamond Technology", ie the positioning of the unidirectional fiber in a straight line between the holes in the spokes, which gives the inner circumference its faceted diamond appearance.
The wheels are completed with tubular tires branded Challenge Tires, a brand very common in cyclo-cross and particularly appreciated by the great champions, a brand that offers a wide choice for all weather and terrain conditions.
Overall, this KTM Canic has convinced us in many ways, an excellent race machine, rigid, reactive, fast but at the same time comfortable and easy to drive, also suitable for newcomers to the discipline.