Written by Viginia


After a few months of use I want to talk to you about the new Schwalbe Hans Dampf.
What changes from the last versions?
Schwalbe worked on the design and structure of the blocks: they are larger and improve the cornering grip and thei provide impressive damping.
In the central part there are elliptically arranged transition blocks, they give greater stability in all situations. The design helps self-cleaning in mud situations, the blocks are large and double to guarantee efficient and precise braking.
The shoulder blocks offer more support, so the tire deforms less when you fold up the bike.

Read more about Schwalbe Hans Dampf HERE.


Ride impressions:
Schwalbe never disappoints.
The Schwalbe Hans Dampf are agile and intuitive tires. On compact terrains and rocks they have an excellent grip.
In wet conditions it loses grip, but you realize immediately and you can handle the bike well: thanks to the Super Gravity casing you can lower the pressure and make the most of the grip.
The best feelings I had in berms where the gussets, larger than the previous model, give you a good grip.
Even with low pressures I never punctured, thanks to the side reinforcements that offer optimal protection also with inner tube. In photos you can see that blocks are still new.
The Schwalbe Hans Dampf are the right compromise between grip and smoothness.
I recommend them on the front and rear for trail / enduro, while for Enduro Schwalbe Hans Dampf rear and Schwalbe Magic Mary on the front.
Read more info on www.schwalbe.com