Written by Bruna


I tested Tubolito innertubes: they are very light and are perfect to be transported as spare tubes.
The Tubolito is not made of the usual tube rubber, the orange material is more hard to touch. We tried to blow it out of the tire: do not do it! Without a structure that holds it in the correct position Tuboloito inflates deforming and, once deflated, it does not come back as before. Do not do it.
Tubolito are made of TPU: both durability and damping capacity during impact. The TPU has already replaced many products in the automotive industry.


With 29er you can save more than 100 g per wheel compared to standard air chambers, the 27.5 weigh 85g and take up almost half the space when folded.
I love Tubolito especially during races, where less weight and size are essential. The assembly is the same as a standard tube and I never punctured my tire.
I recommend Tubolito products to everyone: little space and weight but 2X stronger than standard tubes!
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2/3 LIGHTER THAN A STANDARD TUBE: Every gram counts, when it is up to cycling fun. Even more if you reduce the rotational weight.
Tubolito offers an easy and achievable weight tuning.
We can provide this solution, as we are combining a new material with a self-developed production technology. Applying this technology allows us to build an innertube that weighs only 45gramms at our S-Tubo product
2X STRONGER THAN STANDARD TUBES: Lighter AND more robust. We make the impossible possible. We can solve this contradiction by using a new concept:
We are manufacturing the Innertube with a thermoplastic elastomer, called TPU. This group of materials is known for its durability and excellent damping abilities. It has replaced many rubber products in the automotive and pharma industry already.
DEVELOPED AND MANUFACTURED IN EUROPE: The tubolito inner tube is manufactured in Europe, and all assembly parts are sourced in Europe. This has some major advantages. We can maintain very high quality standards. We can realize fast innovations by having a short feedback loop between development and production site. We can maintain sustainability trough to short transport routes.