Written by Virginia


We have washed our Merida with the Muc-Off products dedicated to e-bikes and it is clean.
The Muc-Off line for e-bikes is used without water, just spray the product and use a microfibre cloth and brushes to get a good result. La Merida was not overly dirty, only in some places there was mud encrusted but it came clean. Surely you take more time than with normal products because the product "melts" the dirt but you have to put your own to clean the bike at all points.
What I really appreciated is the EBIKE Ultra Corrosion Defense which is perfect for maintaining the efficiency of all electronic parts for a long time. After a few seconds there is a protective, anti-corrosion and anti-rust layer on the frame, battery, connectors and metal parts. The chain cleaner works well, I recommend to apply it first and let it act before using the brushes.
I found it much more convenient to apply the EBIKE All Weather Lube, it lasts a long time and does not attract too much dirt during use.
The specific Muc-Off products have not behaved badly, if we are accustomed to products with water they can be less effective but we must take into account the electric parts.
I recommend them to everyone, not just those who have an e-bike: a soft wash to eliminate the odious dust and a passage of Ultra Corrosion Defense on the frame and bearings is good for any MTB.


The electric and electronic components are the heart of our beloved E-bikes and for this reason they must be well preserved and maintained.
Unlike 100% mechanical bikes, there are new attentions and procedures that we must follow to keep e-bikes at the highest level of efficiency.
For this reason Muc-off wanted to develop a line of products conceived, designed and tested to guarantee the e-bikes many rides, charging cycles, km and climb.
This revolution has raised the bar to our technicians and product managers who wanted to develop a line of products designed, designed and tested to guarantee your e-bike many exits, charging cycles, kilometers and gradients. It is well known that water and electronic components do not agree and that, in the case of e-bikes, the torque produced by the engine makes stress to gear.


The development of the new E-Bike range focused on these two points. The range includes:

2 cleaning products without water
EBIKE Dry Wash Cleaner to remove light dirt from the frame and components.
EBIKE Dry Chain Cleaner for degreasing without water chain, box, gearbox and crown.

1 protective and anti-corrosion product
EBIKE Ultra Corrosion Defense - creates an anti-corrosion and anti-rust protective layer on the frame, battery, connectors and metal parts. Essential to maintain the efficiency of electronic parts for a long time and in any condition of use.

3 specific lubricants to withstand high torques
EBIKE Dry Lube - drop ceramic for dry conditions
EBIKE Wet Lube - drop ceramic for wet conditions
EBIKE All Weather Lube - long lasting water repellent spray for all non-specific uses
Winter is here and the MUC OFF E-bike specific line awaits you from the best European retailers!