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There is no setting you cannot reach
Selva R represents the “state-of-the-art” of custom tuning for MTB forks. Every single parameter of the Selva R can be modified according to your own specific needs. There is no setting you cannot reach. Your riding style is already built into the fork, it’s up to you to unlock it.
With the CTS technology the possibilities of customizing the damping are potentially infinite. With the Selva R you get two CTS valves, Gold (installed) and Red.
The 2Air technology allows a very precise tuning of the air side. Thanks to the two separate chambers (Silver/positive and Bronze/negative), you can set the pressure of the positive chamber (Silver) according to weight, like any traditional forks, in addition to that you can also change the pressure of the negative chamber (Bronze) in order to fine-tune the response of the fork in the first part of the travel.
Thanks to the Neopos (one is already included into the Selva R) the air spring is further refined, a riding experience that’s not possible to achieve with a traditional air fork.
The Selva R creates a tuning potential that has been unachievable until now. Every rider will have the freedom to adapt the fork to their its riding style in a simple, fast, and effective way. The Selva R redefines the concept of custom tuning.


Custom tuning redefined
The 2Air technology is designed to achieve the highest level of customization in an air fork. By changing the pressure in the positive chamber (Silver – main chamber) you can decide how much support you have from the fork according to your weight and/or riding style. While on the other hand, by changing the pressure in the negative chamber (Bronze – sensitivity control), you can fine-tune the suppleness of the fork in the initial travel.
The standard setting suggested on the pressure chart shows always the negative chamber (Bronze) with 20psi more than the positive chamber (Silver). This is a very good point where to start, but there’s still a lot more.
If you want to get a different feeling you can change pressure in the negative chamber (Bronze) within a range from a minimum of 10psi more than the positive chamber (Silver) to a maximum of 30psi more than the positive chamber (Silver).
If you want to increase the initial sensitivity of the fork, you can stay between 20 to 30psi more in the negative chamber (Bronze) than the positive chamber (Silver).
If you’d rather decrease the initial sensitivity and look for more support in the first part of the travel, simply stay in the range from 10 to 20psi more in the negative chamber (Bronze) than the positive chamber (Silver).


Sensitivity control
Thanks to the 2Air system, it’s possible to manage fork’s response in the first part of the travel by modifying the pressure in the negative chamber (Bronze). By adjusting this, you can control the small-bumps compliance of the fork. In a traditional air fork with two air chambers and just one air valve this is factory set and not adjustable.
Travel change
With the 2Air system, it’s possible to change the travel of the fork without having to replace any components. The Selva R can be set from 130 to 160mm (Standard version) and from 170 to 180mm (Extended version).
Longer life
The Selva R o-rings have a longer life because they work exclusively in contact with smooth and unmachined surfaces.
Adjusting the air side with the 2Air system is very simple. This is the procedure to follow: Start with both chambers of the fork (positive/Silver, negative/Bronze) empty. Inflate the positive chamber (Silver) with the desired pressure by using the shock pump. Close the lock-out of the fork on the damping side (golden lever). Inflate the negative chamber (Bronze) with the desired pressure by using the shock pump. Unlock the fork by releasing the lock-out lever on the damping side (golden lever).
For a video tutorial with the instructions on how to set the 2Air of the Selva R, visit: bit.ly/2air-setup



Seven colors, seven different behaviors
Thanks to CTS technology (proprietary to Formula) the damping of the Selva R is fully customizable. With seven CTS valves available, each rider will find a tailor-made setting for his style. In addition, thanks to the external compression and rebound knobs, you can fine-tune the damping.
The seven CTS valves transform the way your fork behaves. These are not modifications effected through the use of traditional external controls. The CTS valve is a fundamental structural part of the hydraulic cartridge, changing the valve means changing the cartridge itself, modifying fork’s behaviour.
An obvious advantage of this system is that using different valves is like having more than one forks, each one appropriate for different situations.
Discover more about CTS at www.rideformula.com


Selva is more than just a fork, it’s a system of technologies. If you have a Selva S, with a positive air chamber and a negative spring, and you want to try the 2Air system, you can buy a kit that will allow you to turn your Selva S into a Selva R. The 2Air kit can be built on each of the Selva models currently on market.
At Formula we don’t want the riders to perceive their forks as being obsolete every time we offer a new technology. On the other hand, we want every rider who uses Formula products on their bike to be happy with the products and keep it them on their mountain bike as long as possible.


In 2018 Formula celebrates thirty years since being founded. We wanted to celebrate this anniversary with the creation of a special color, a new factory color that we called Ultraviolet 30.
Ultraviolet 30 is made with a special paint that reaches a tone specifically created for Formula. A unique color developed by an Italian workshop specialized in custom painting. Ultraviolet 30 is a very durable matte paint of the highest quality. Each Ultraviolet 30 fork is entirely hand painted in Italy.

Specifications and prices on WWW.RIDEFORMULA.COM