Written by Bruna

A must have for a fun ride is a comfortable saddle. I used the Ergon SM Women MTB throughout my racing season and I felt good, I have still confirmed the title of Italian Champion!
As price-quality Ergon offers a product, excellent quality of materials, even with a low weight (about 285g). Aesthetically it is a linear and clean saddle, it keeps my bike aggressive.
At first sight it does not seem very padded, but when you touch it you can already appreciate the soft consistency of the Ergon Foam that was created to take the shape of the rider and to have a great feeling during the ride.
The saddle body is made of a very resistant Nylon Composit and slides are in CroMo, I have to say that la SM Woman is not bulky with its 261 mm in length and 155 mm in width.


The SM Women has a good comfort when you stay for a long time in the same position and during the most difficult climbs it is very intuitive to find the right position especially on rough terrain, when you have to move very quickly.
The Ergon SM Women is a saddle specifically designed for the female anatomy: the best pressure relief in the genital area, unrestricted freedom of movement in technically challenging terrain and pure cycling comfort without typical seat problems.



Women have a wider pelvic bone arch than men. The distance between the pelvic bone and the saddle is therefore much shorter. In addition to this anatomical difference, women have much greater pelvic flexion; When cycling, the pelvis tilts forward significantly further, increasing the pressure on the pelvic bone.
Based on these findings, saddle prototypes were created in the Ergon research department and were continuously tested and improved by employees and pro riders. Their feedback guided Ergon team step-by-step to the final SM Women.
Read more about Ergon women specific stuff HERE.


An MTB comfort saddle specifically for women – for Tours, All-Mountain and Enduro. Maximum relief in the sensitive genital area. Sportive comfort padding, flat rear section and freedom of movement in the typical moderately bent MTB position.


Use: Touring, All-Mountain, Enduro
Dimensions Length: 261 mm, Width: 155 mm
Weight: ca. 285 g*
Size: S/M M/L
Color: Black
Shell: Nylon Composite
Rail: CroMo
Cover: Microfiber
Padding: Orthopedic Comfort Foam
Gender: women specific