Written by Virginia


I want to share my experience with the Crankbrothers Double Shot 3 after a few months of use, tested on the DH tracks and even a little Gravel!
The Double Shot has always been one a talked about but little-understood pedal. On one side it is a flat pedal and on the other SPD.
I used the SPD a few times, and I must admit that the riding sensation is completely different from the flat. Clipped in you have much more security in rough sections and can move the bike more easily, but I have yet to get used to the hook/release part. With the flat side, you feel more relaxed and free.


What do you think of the Double Shot?
As with most products Crankbrothers, the pedal works great. The connection is solid with all eight pins hold my foot in most situations.
Even in muddy conditions, the pedals stayed clear and easy to use, as opposed to many clipless pedals where mud accumulates and the cleat does not hook anymore.


The double bearings work well, they are inside so they remain protected in wet weather conditions. Most importantly, when your foot is clipped out the pedal stays in place most of the time, making restarting quick and easy.
These pedals were really comfortable, particularly in turns. When you get changed after a ride and you want to wash your bike, clean clothes and get a fresh beer, the flat side of the pedals make riding around town a breeze. I also tested the pedals on Gravel, finding them comfortable for training while clipped in, while for every day use a nice pair of sneakers and pins do the rest.
Who do I recommend these pedals for? I recommend them to a rider already used to using SPD, but who likes to also ride their mountain bike around town.

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adjustable pins: 8 per side
body material: A380 aluminum
cleats: Premium brass cleats with shims included
inner bearing type: Igus LL-glide bearing
max rider weight: No restriction
outer bearing type: Enduro cartridge bearing
q-factor: 57mm
release angle: 15° / 20°
spindle material: Forged scm 435 chromoly steel
spring material: 300 series stainless steel
warranty: 5 years
weight: 403g per pair
wing material: Cast stainless steel