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The Cura 4 is the brake that won the Downhill World Championship in 2017 in the élite men's category, while still at the prototype stage.
From that race we have made great strides, making the Cura 4 even more powerful and reliable. Now the world champion brake is available for all riders.
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With Cura 4 we set a very ambitious goal for ourselves, we tried to go beyond even our own expectations. Our direction was clear from the beginning, create a brake that had no equal in terms of power and performance, one that was made of the highest quality materials and was accessible to a vast number of riders.
The four 18mm diameter pistons of the Cura 4 provide the rider with, up until now, unimaginable power. The expanded friction surface of the pads and the increased thickness guarantee perfect modulation. With Cura 4 you will be able to have maximum control over braking power. The optimized roll-back allows for reaching that exceptional lever feeling that has already made the Cura famous.
The Cura 4 inherits its quality of materials from its younger brother, Cura. In fact, it is a fully forged and anodized brake, a production process that guarantees structural quality, reliability over time, and low weight.


Cura 4 shares the exact same master cylinder structure as its younger brother, Cura. The axial master cylinder has an intuitive lever feeling and responsive modulation.
The lever, being one of the most intimate parts of the bike, was designed for the rider’s desire for more modulation to control the brake’s power. The large reservoir has multiple bleed ports and resides entirely above the master cylinder piston for simple, worry free bleeding.
The lever, designed for the human factor, is our most ergonomic and intuitive yet.

The new 4-piston caliper is the innovative heart of Cura 4. The four 18mm diameter pistons attain unmatched braking power, until now. The caliper is comprised of two pieces of forged aluminium. High quality anodizing allows friction to be minimized and reliability to be maximized.
The design of the new caliper of the Cura 4 allows an optimal management of power, giving a very linear and progressive feeling while improving the performance.
The Speed Lock technology, proprietary to Formula, greatly facilitates the installation of the brake system on all frames equipped with internal cable passages. The power to weight ratio of the Cura 4 is nothing short of amazing, all within a design that makes it ideal for gravity or e-bike use, Cura 4 weighs only 379g (85cm tube, 160mm 1-piece disc and bolts included).


The Cura 4 continues Formula’s new efforts regarding the use of mineral oil. Formula mineral oil has a higher boiling point than that of other mineral oils on the market, this guarantees maximum performance in high temperatures in order to avoid overheating.
On the other hand, at low temperatures, Formula mineral oil has a lower freezing point with respect to other mineral oils on the market, this allows the Formula brakes to guarantee higher performances even at very low temperatures.
Beside Glossy Black and Polished, the new Cura 4 is also available in a brand new Gold finish.
The Mix Master handlebar clamp is an option for all Formula brakes. This simple upgrade allows for the direct attachment of Shimano and SRAM shifters on your Formula brake, giving the bike a clean look. Perfect to help de-clutter handlebars busy with the many clamps today’s bikes employ.
Speed Lock technology allows for the disconnection and connection of the hose multiple times without losing fluid or introducing air into the brake. The Speed Lock hose is the best option for internally routed frames, the traveler who packs their bike, or anyone who is constantly assembling/disassembling their bike.


Together with Cura 4 we are proud to introduce our new disc. After more than three years of development we have arrived at a design that combines the best of all the ‘must have’ features in a disc:
• Extreme lateral stiffness that guarantees impact resistance by protecting the disk from unwanted damage. A disc that’s not afraid of being abused will always guarantee an optimal centering with respect to the caliper;
• Optimized Rotor to reduce unwanted noise caused by friction and at the same time providing a greater braking surface;
• A special anti-noise design which reduces the risk of resonance and vibrations with the frame being used;
• Reduced pad wear.
With the new disc, we have taken a big step forward in guaranteeing the highest level of performance.
The new disc will be available for all Formula brakes starting from 15 September 2018.

The Cura 4 is a state of the art four-piston MTB brake with surprising power, unprecedented performance, and maximum reliability. All contained in a package accessible to every rider. The Cura 4 will allow you to experience a more complete, engaging, powerful, and safer ride.



Cura 4 KIT (175cm hose lenght with screws)
Glossy black € 174,00 / $ 208,00
Polished € 183,00 / $ 218,00
Gold € 183,00 / $ 218,00

Ø160 Ø180 Ø203
€ 22,00 € 24,00 € 29,00 / $ 27,00 $ 29,00 $ 35,00

Cura 4 will be available starting from 15 September 2018.