Written by Jack 


E-bikes are a hot topic and will remain so throughout 2018. Not all riders have been convinced that electric motors are a good thing.
With additional weight, you can feel a clear difference steering compared to muscle-powered bikes in descents, but the motor allows you to increase the number of kilometers you can cover. This allows riders to discover new places and to push our training to a higher level.
We recently tested MrWolf's new SmartMousse product, dedicated to e-bike use.
SmartMousse is the first anti-puncture system on the market that is dedicated to e-bikes. The inserts are made of a "C" shaped Mousse and an internal micro-chamber to guarantee the perfect fit for every rider and riding style.


The Mousse perfectly protects the micro-air chamber that fits in the "C" section, making it impossible to pinch or cut it.
MrWolf offers a 12-month guarantee against punctures with each purchase.
During one test at Pietra Ligure we came across technical stone steps, that formed a classic puncture alley. The weight of the e-bike does not help the situation, but we rolled through without any problems.
We conducted the test on the PS3 stage of the E-enduro, which is one of the most technical trails of the race. With off camber slopes, technical passages on sharp stones, and tight turns, and gravel, there was certainly no guarantee of traction.


After one descent with tubes, we installed the SmartMousse. It is a quick and easy assembly, but you have to make sure to correctly install the micro-tube, and have the patience to mount the tire with levers. The position the Mousse correctly, inflate the micro-tubes to 0.9 bar in the front and 1.1 in the back and you are ready to go!
I did not notice any difference with the inner tubes during the ride. The SmartMousse does not make pedaling any more difficult. To maintain the lowest weight possible I suggest the a lighter tire, according to your chosen Mousse.
After not even 100 meters of descent and two corners, the system felt amazing and the bike remained glued to the ground and generally bounced less, keeping the rebound more precise. 


The SmartMousse allows you to use more of the gripping surface of the tire, giving you unprecedented feel in the turns.
On burms, you can lean over a lot more and take rocks gardens at higher speeds, or rip on gravel without losing grip. All this without the fear of a puncture is a wonderful feeling.
The mousse adapts to all types of soil, following small bumps and absorbing all impacts.
After the first descent I waited for the battery to recharge to redo it, hoping I would never get exhausted!
The SmartMousse is really one of those products that make the difference: for experienced riders it guarantees an improvement in the turns, safety of not losing grip, and not puncturing in nearly all situations really makes a difference. For beginners can help you feel feel safer in the saddle and face the difficulties with an extra advantage.


For all the e-bike skeptics, I suggest you try it with SmartMousse installed. I can assure that your opinion will change.
At this point the only thing that I have to ask is: MrWolf when will they be on the market for Enduro? And for Downhill ?? I'm ready to stock up for life. I'm sure my rims will say thanks after every descent!
SmartMousse will be available from April 28, 2018, discover it during the Riva Bike Festival STAND E26. More info on www.mrwolf.bike


From the experience of MrWolf engineers and the KnowHow resulting from collaboration with the manufacturer of the Enduro World Championship motorbike mousse, SmartMousse is here: the first real anti-puncture solution dedicated to eBikes. A solution that combines the best of injection technology with the convenience of air to customize and make the feeling of the product on the bike absolutely unique.
Thanks to its “C” section, SmartMousse protects the micro-tube making it impossible to pinch or cut it. MrWolf offers all customers 12-month insurance cover on punctures, included in the purchase price!