Written by Andy


For the 2018 season we have been collaborating with MDE Bikes, a made in Italy MTB brand with great options for riders to choose their frame color and customize geometry.
This partnership is how I discovered Forkover and I wanted to write a dedicated article to share all of the products you can find on their site.
Kicking things off in 2009, Forkover is a transparent, pre-shaped adhesive protection designed to fully protect the most common mountain bike forks and frames on the market!
The graphics on my MDE frame were created together with Davide from Forkover, who was available to collaborate on the best way to put my ideas on the frame.
Forkover protection can be completely customized: a customized bike from the frame to shock absorbers for the most demanding riders, but it is also a product that can add visibility for people with an MTB rental, a school, or an activity linked to mountain biking.
Forkover is a product designed for riders, derived from experience in the field, and born from the need to protect our mountain bikes when out riding.
Built with high-performance innovative materials, you can easily apply the kit and in a few minutes you will be protected from signs of wear, abrasions, stones, scratches and most dings.
The protective stickers on my MDE are very well made, and they attached perfectly to the frame without creating any annoying bubbles. The thickness and softness of the material is proof of its effectiveness. I can not wait to put it to the test for the whole season!
Check out all the products at www.forkover.bike and don't forget to follow the simple but precise assembly instructions available on the website!