Written by Virginia


Trails faster and more technical, bigger jumps and higher and higher levels require something more and the evolution of the bikes pushes towards the 29 “rim.
The 29 '' DH wheels marks a great evolution for this discipline and giving the bikes new stability and exceeding limits.
Noxon, who has always believed in evolutions, presents the new model of Downhill wheels. Noxon has completely redesigned the profile of the 29 "rim by inserting some important innovations such as the rim of the Hookless rim, the wheel itself is greatly strengthened by removing a critical point and increasing impact resistance. The new 29 "rim has a 27mm internal channel and it is tubeless-ready by installing the Noxon tubeless kit.
New graphics available in white and fluorescent yellow.


The 29 "Noxon DH is not just a larger diameter wheel, but has been designed and built to fully enjoy the benefits of the 29" rim. This offers a high ability to overcome obstacles, a superior grip given the greater footprint on the ground and exceptional stability in the fastest and most challenging sections.
Thanks to studies and field tests Noxon has obtained a 29 "wheel with mechanical characteristics comparable to the 27.5" version: Noxon has increased the stiffness of the wheel with double thickness spokes increased 2.3- 2 mm and hardened the nipples area.
All the improvements of the 29 "rim are also present on the 27.5" rim, for an even stronger wheel in race or not.
The price does not change: € 599 for the pair of both sizes.
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Wheight 27.5″/29″: 2090g / 2200g
Internal Width: 27 mm
External Width: 33 mm
Profile Height: 21 mm
Spokes: Alpina Made in Italy butted 2 mm cross lacing
Nipples: self-locking Brass
COLORE: nero
Rear: 12×150, 12×157, 12×135
Free hub: Shimano10/11v, SRAM XD
Weight Limit: 100 kg
Maximum pressure: 3 bar