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Two Must Have items for every rider are a pump and a compact and functional toolkit.  Over the past few months, we have tested the Crank Brothers Klick HV pump and F10 + multitool.
The Klick HV is a very well built pump that can be used with a CO2 cartridge or as a normal pump. Given the size, I expected to have to use a lot of effort to inflate the tire, but it is more powerful than it looks! It is different from other mini-pumps: the hose connection with the pressure gauge is removable and fits perfectly into the pump shaft. The hard plastic handle turns 90 degrees creating a T-handle. The flexible valve tube is equipped with an aluminum cap compatible with both Presta and Schrader. At both ends of the tube are "quick coupling" magnets which are easily positioned on the valve and attache to the pump. This operation is comfortable and fast, but above all, there is no loss of air! With its 220mm length, it is not the most comfortable to put in the backpack, but Crank Brothers designed it to be left exposed to mud and dust. All the important parts remain sealed after use, the tube is placed in the handle, while the upper part rotates to better protect the air nozzle.


As for the F10+ multi-tool: I would say it is essential.
It is small but packs everything you need. It can pack away comfortably, in place of your keys, and is perfect to slip into a trouser pocket or backpack.
The multitool is inserted into an aluminum case that also includes a chain-tool and it is locked in place by a magnet.
This case came in handy just the other day when I mounted the new pedals on the bike, creating the right length handle to make more leverage on the tool. I loved it!I am super satisfied with Crank Brother's products, and I would recommend checking out their latest releases for your ride day!
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- Premium pump with flexible rubber hose to allow for easy inflation
- Features include a presta/schrader valve adapter, magnetic head with twisting collar, and a folding and locking handle
- Hv (high volume) version recommended for tires 1.8” wide and larger
- All klic pumps come with a bottle cage bracket mount

Folding flat to fit almost anywhere, the F10+ features ultra-fine finishing and 10 fundamental tools fixed inside a magnetic case.



Klic HV
Length: 220mm
Pressure: 110psi / 7.6bar
Warranty: 5 years
Weight: 124g

Case: Magnetized, built in bottle-opener
Hex wrenches: #2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
Screwdrivers: Phillips #2, flat #1
Torx: T-25
Warranty: 5 years
Weight: 94g