Written by Virginia


I tested MrWolf's Banger over the past couple months. The system uses a technopolymer insert inside the tire, designed and developed for MTB, which serves to absorb hits and decrease vibration while increasing sensitivity and stability. People often associate MrWolf's Banger with an anti-puncture system, which it is, reducing the risk of punctures by 90%. I also appreciated the system's increased stability ability to save the rim in case of a puncture.


MrWolf has slightly modified the size to make mountain easier and in fact, I managed to mount the Banger easily on both Schwalbe and Continental tires. It is best to execute to the letter all the assembly instructions that you can find HERE.
Insertion of the rubber into the entire rim channel is fundamental: it is important to push the edge of the rubber with your fingers along the entire rim before lifting the last piece with a tire lever. This should be done a few times to be able to correctly position the Banger and the tire. It is important to position the banger with the tape at the height of the valve in order to be able to inflate the tire.


Banger reduces air in the tire by 95%. If you want to read about our pressure tests click HERE. I immediately found good things to say about the Bangers, and riding without thinking about punctures is a great benefit.
The first time we tested the Banger we found several cuts in the insert, as we swapped it to test different tires. This time around we noticed marks carved into it, but no cuts, and we did not notice any change in performance.

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Banger is a system which uses a very low density technopolymer designed and developed specifically for the MTB sector. It can be inserted into any tire and is easy and fast to assemble (10 seconds) on any type of tubeless-ready rim available on the market. Banger reduces the volume of air inside the tire by 95%, taking the wheel set to a 2.0 level.
Shocks are absorbed, vibrations are reduced and feeling and stability increase markedly. Once you’ve added Banger just a few meters are enough to discover totally new features of your bike. Thanks to Banger’s super-light techno compound and its elasticity it guarantees smooth sensations, speed and safety. Banger also provides incredibly efficient “flat prevention”, reducing the risk of punctures or cuts to your tire by 90%.
Banger represents a new suspension for your bike. The first sensation of using it when riding is an incredibly smooth and controlled feeling of the wheel set. Right from the smallest obstacles impact energy is absorbed by the elastomeric compound ensuring sensational grip and control. 
The air that is normally used in the Tubeless system or in systems available so far has a naturally elastic behaviour.
With air systems a large impact in compression will give an explosion/elastic rebound in an equal and opposite direction. 
On the contrary, Banger provides a shock-absorbing effect which will notably increase your performance and your confidence.

Banger is suitable for any type of user, from amateurs to professionals, and is available for all formats currently on the market. Banger is available in diameters 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ and in 4 different sizes: XC, Enduro/Trail, Downhill and eBike/Plus.