• Giulia Bombardieri
    Giulia Bombardieri Primo posto per la nostra tester Round #5
  • Formula
    Formula Nuova forcella DH: Nero is the new back!
  • Be free:
    Be free: Nel bosco, io e la mia bici, siamo una cosa sola.

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venice hp
By Virginia Buffa

Vuoi essere sempre stiloso lontano dal fango? Ecco il nostro blog di Streetwear e Lifestyle.
Leggi i nostri consigli sulle ultime tendenze di brand famosi e scoprine altri nuovi e trova il tuo stile.

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New Canyon Pathlite 2018.

path hp

Discover an amazing bike: this is our opinion.


The best products this week.

madflap hp

Extra stuff: the amazing Mudguards by Madflap! Read our experience.



neroR hp

A great suspension by Formula: the first DH Fork with amazing technology.


The best Components this week.

iodine hp

Iodine 3 by Crankbrothers. Discover and read our experience.



Your photos.

hp photo phone

hp photo

You have to be here
Publish your best shots while you ride your bike. Make yourself known by our partners and sponsors.

Viral Videos.

Seek and chosen 
Enjoy quality movies and our videos. Tracks, races and many curiosities from bike world.


When MTB is constantly a fantastic dream in our mind.

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Our Team

JACK Hi, I'm Jack, 24 years old. I love to ride my MTB with my crazy dog. My dream is to ride trails in all Bikeparks.
OURTEAM 02 Hey! I'm Giulia, 30 years old. I love to ride with friends and meet new riders everyweek. My dream is to improve my bike skills and ride on.  
OURTEAM 02 Hey, I'm Virginia, 26 years old. I never refuse a ride! My dream is to become a professional photographer and videomaker. 
ANDRE I am Andrea, 27 years old. I ride my bike only when I go to work but I like MTB world. I love travel in a different place every week.

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