BikeUp 2017.


BikeUp in Lecco (LC) , the event dedicated to e-bikes, has just finished.

The fourth edition was a success, called riders and curious from all over Europe. Bike-Up is the right occasion to be able to test the e-bikes of important brands.
The activities we recommend are:

Test-UP: Excursions with an expert guide (about 40 minutes) on two different trails (city and Mtb) to appreciate the potential of e-bikes.


RideUP: a 3-hour lesson with Gravity School coaches. Starting from the center of Lecco started 12 km with 450 meters of altitude. 

A single track in the woods and breathtaking views lead to two skill parks where the bike posture, baseline uphill, downhill and curve techniques, overcoming obstacles and the use of e-bikes are analyzed.


WOW: "Women on Wheels" is a new format of events designed for bikers and for all women who want to get closer to the bicycle world. 
A bicycle tour that will bring the group to the charming location of Boutique Design Hotel for an aperitif.

A "different" event not to be missed: bike as a means of transport is the right way to improve our lifestyle.
Many riders consider e-bikes wrong: increase miles, find new places, but without increasing the radiate time is a fantastic thing.
That's why BikeUp is an event not to be missed!


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