Carosello 3K opening.

Saturday, June 25 at last opened Carosello 3000 in Livigno (SO).
All bikers, pros and beginners, will have fun on the new paths in flow-country style and part and on some of the existing natural paths (while some high-altitude paths have yet to be completely cleared of the snow still lying in the hollows).
To reach the top, bikers can use both gondola lifts: Carosello 3000 in San Rocco area and Livigno Center.

News for this opening is the Blueberry Line, a flow path between open spaces with breathtaking views and wooded areas, 1.8 km long, 200 meters in altitude and 11% average.
Thanks to its rhythm, the parabolic curves arranged in sequence and the presence of structures (always accompanied by "chicken-ways" solutions for the less experienced) the new path will be for bikers a wonderful and fresh surprise: "An experience comparable to discovery of a blueberry in the forest. "

You can see the video HERE.

Meanwhile Giam are available on the Carousel 3000 the "Early Rider Multi-pass" site, multi-day tickets (can also be used in a non-consecutive) that can be purchased directly online with discounts up to 30%.
Do not forget of 'Up & Down 3K event, scheduled for Sunday, July 24:
a free day on a loop of 10 km and 1000 meters in altitude where 150 participants will give chase of Lupato Brothers.

Info and registration HERE.

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