Mottolino bike park.

Last weekend we were to ride in the most beautiful bike parks in Italy: the MOTTOLINO in Livigno (SO).
One of the few bike park in continuous improvement and evolution, complete with all the various structures and trails: from the FLOW line to pure DH, but also an inflatable.

You can find the camera we used for the video on NILOX.COM and you can watch our video HERE.

Born in 2005 after the Downhill World Cup contest, it is still one of the landmarks in europe for riders.
Thirteen trails, accessible by a cable car very fast, perfect for beginners and lovers of flow but also for the best ones that will jump at full speed on technical trails full of roots and stones and have fun on the numerous jumps present.

For those who want to begin to enter to the MTB world is available the DR. RENT rental with SCOTT, SPECIALIZED and INTENSE bikes and have all the necessary equipment to get around safely.
There is also the freeride and downhill school to learn all the techniques for even more fun!

The 13 trails with 4 different difficulty levels:

1) Flow Line: Red
2.500m fast track, with high parabolic and jumps of different sizes.
2) The First Ever: Red
Fast single trail, but not too technical, despite some roots and some quite steep steps.
3) Downhill: black
technical track and fast. race course of the World MTB Championships, perfect for the more experienced. 2.200m
4) Black Eye: Black
Trail 300m long, very technical and challenging, with passages of stones.
5) B.B .: black
180m steep and slippery, with a very demanding stretch that connects to the Easy Line.
6) Chemical water: Red
450m right slope, fun thanks to the roots and curves. It connects with the First Ever.
7) Wild Sheep: Black
Length: 548 m
technical track with narrow passages in counter.

8) 23: red

Simple but with some narrow passages, 284m long.
9) Stoner: red
Length: 2,000 m
the fast track in the middle of the park, ideal to get accustomed to the speed.
10) Panet: black
586m black among woods, bushes, medium difficult passages and challenging slopes.
11) Take it Easy: blue
4.400m of pure fun. After a kilometer into the woods which has points with roots: perfect for beginners who want to try the DH but also for those who warms the muscles to start the day.
12) EAS 23: Red
Built in 2014 and along well 4.200m. A fast trail for experts but also safe for beginners, with 6% average gradient.
13) Sic58: black - NEW '2015
It is a trail long 1.500m, full of obstacles for the more experienced: a big step up and gap of 5 to 7 meters that alternate with steep sections and technicians. From season 2016 the route will be extended further and will start from the arrival of the cable car Mottolino.

The paths of the map is the bottom of this article, consult the best found HERE.

Not only trails but also structures: Jump Area, North Shore, Inflatable and drop area.
The jump area accessible by dirt tracks Take It Easy and Flow Line. And 'ideal for perfecting the technique but also to learn how to pull the wheels off the ground.
E 'divided into three difficulty levels that allow everyone to choose what is right for their skills.
The inflatable perfect to test the tick but also the feeling that gives you a big jump landing safely.

L' area drop, poco sopra l'area jump è composta da 4 drop per i medio/esperti. Dal quarto drop parte una linea di salti che sono stati usati nel Nine Knights, quindi usati dai PRO più famosi.
La north Shore è un'intera area nel bosco con passerelle in legno, ponti sospesi e chiocciole di tutte le grandezze e difficoltà.
The drop area, just above the jump area is composed of 4 drop for medium / experts. From the fourth drop part of a line of jumps that were used in the Nine Knights : the most famous PRO use them!
The north shore is an entire area in the forest with wooden walkways, hanging bridges and berms of all sizes and difficulties.

We advise you to spend at least a week in Livigno in order to do all the runs and take more and more confident with the tracks.
The FLOW and the length of most of the trails allows you to reach speeds than in other bike park you can not have.
The rain is not a problem: the draining soil and the perfect job of trailbuilders guarantee trails passable even with wet conditions.
In short, the MOTTOLINO is a mandatory cap for all the riders.   What are you waiting for?


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