Lavarone Bike Park.

It is not enough one day to be able to fully appreciate the BIKE PARK LAVARONE, located in Lavarone Bertoldi, ski area Alpe Cimbra - Lavarone (TN).
This bike park was born in 2012 after a long year and a half between permits and planning.
It starts from 1,200 MSML until you get to 1500 on the top.

VIDEO, you can find the camera we used for the video on NILOX.COM

The trails: Rum Runner, Mojito and Pina Colada three trails for 1.5 / 2 km in length with different levels of difficulty for riders.
Unfortunately the weather was bad and we could just try the Red and a part of the Yellow (still under construction), but immediately we realized the potential of this structure.
The tracks are divided between roots rock jumps and wooden structures that create the perfect difficulty even for the most experienced.

Can not find difference between the facts pieces with the excavator and those made with pick and shovel, this is because the trails are very painstaking.
The Rum Runner is the easiest track characterized by a wooded and rocky bottom in the second half.
The track is in the less steep part of the slope, so it is suitable for beginners or for those who want to warm up when you start your day with your bike.
Mojito is a black, characterized by roots and then move on to more technical walkways.

Pina Colada is beginning to be more technical, with wooden structures constantly updated perfect to open the gas and jump at full speed.
Work in progress 2016 is the yellow line Whezzyssghevenait which will be completed during the summer season: the part that we tried was fun, start with fast corners and then come to a wooden snake and some artificial Drop.
Two Flow line developed on the same side of the Black trail.

We found a complete park also for beginners, who can learn on the easier slopes, but also try the more difficult due to variants that can be taken to avoid the more technical points.
Also in 2016 the rental is in collaboration with GT and TORPADO offering bikes to the top in carbon and aluminum: you can book the bike you prefer HERE.

Every Sunday morning, from 10: BABY CAMP for future PRO.
Instructor-led course + rental Strider Balance Bike € 45
Every Saturday morning from 10: LADY CAMP for the most adventurous.
Rental 1/2 day + 1/2 day bike pass € 42
Possibility of instructor.
All the details, the duration and the prices you can find it HERE.

Comfortable are also the Bike Chalet equipped for us bikers.
At the beginning of the slopes, as you can see in the VIDEO, we were drinking a beer at chalet TANA INCANTATA and at the end of the day is a must on 7SE: a really nice bar where you can sample the local beer and eating delicious sandwiches!

Here is the plan of the tracks, and all the details of the contacts are on

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