SummerFlow Carosello3000.

Magic another place in Livigno (SO) is CAROSELLO 3000.
Trails long and flow that make this place a paradise for MTB!
The opening is Saturday, June 25, 2016: new trails 20 km long and another 20 km of existing natural paths are added to a new location within the forest.
The project is still very wide and many other paths have already been planned for the coming summers.


The flow-trails are constructed in a symphony of turns, berms, rollers and rhythmic jumps, while the slope is never more than 10 degrees. From beginners, families to pro riders everybody can laugh and enjoy 15 kilometers of trails according to Functional Their Own skill level.
Speed and rhythm guarantee security to beginner, for experts become a playground full of jumps and curves to do at full speed!

The first flowcountry trails were opened last year by no other than one of the pioneers of mountain biking Hans "No Way" Rey and the Scottish star Danny MacAskill:
Danny said: "I rode with Hans Already all over the Livigno valley and mountains in the past and now riding the new flow country trails as a pro rider I had the same thrills and enjoyment. These trails are fun for any kind of rider, you do not need a special downhill bike ".


Hans “No Way” Rey: " It’s just the beginning. The Carosello 3000 project is very good for tourism and for the bike industry because it will get more people on mountain bikes. Livigno is one of the best places on earth for mountain biking, and offers world-class riding and infrastructure for any kind of cyclist. These trails are perfect for Cross Country, Enduro and Freeriders a like".

Camillo Bertolini, Marketing Manager of Carosello 3000 Livigno: "Hans has always believed in Livigno and in the potential of its beautiful territory. His personality and his concept of riding go perfectly with the project that Carosello 3000 has been developing so that Livigno can established itself as a full spectrum biking destination recognized in Europe and in the world".


Sunday, July 31 you can not miss the 3K Up & Down event: participants will be chasing a pro rider, trying to see who can most riders the 13 km loop. Last year was record 9 times.
Carosello 3000 Livigno is happy to announce the partnership with international mountain bike icon Hans Rey who spends many weeks each summer in Livigno and has Consulted and inspired the resort to become one of the leading biking destinations in the world.
Come and follow His tire tracks this summer
"Early Rider Multi-passes": non-consecutive multi-day tickets, Therefore usable During the whole summer season.
Buy them before the opening at favorable prices here: EARLY MULTI PASS

RAD trails perfect for all: YOU CAN NOT TO MISS!!!!


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