Spiazzi di Gromo BikePark.

Our season started with a beautiful day at Spiazzi di Gromo bike park, a little town in Val Seriana of about 1,300 inhabitants near Bergamo.
you can find the camera we used for the video on NILOX.COM and you can find our spot here: VIDEO
The project started six years ago with the team Pik&Pala: they found the tracks of a Downhill race that already had been covered by vegetation.

The Spiazzi team is composed of Piero, Mauri and Bruno.
Thanks to the permits issued by the city of Gromo the team was able to use mechanical means for the maintenance of the tracks, allowing you to improve and make safer trails.
We also got to know the owner Angelo Testa, 83 years old. He has youth ideas and is committed to make us happy and secure tourism in Spiazzi! Thank you Angelo!

Now we talk about the trails: the rocky structure of the Alpine foothills favors rocky ground and beds of roots, perfect for Downhill and Enduro.
From the chairlift begins the first track "Grom De Fer": a flow trail suitable for everyone, full of bends with attention to detail and straights where you can reach high speeds.
For the more experienced there are also some jumps placed on the left of the track, to allow even the beginner to do the trail without problems.
In the middle of the "Grom De Fer" start two variants: the blue line and the red line.

The first variant is the AVERT1. It has a flow path, difficult enough for beginners and also technical for experts.
On the way there are jumps and drops and technical bends on a gravelly ground to facilitate a smooth flow, fast and draining when wet.
In 2015 the track was used for the first race of the Italian championship Gravitalia confirmed by 1 May 2016.
We found trails groomed and clean: the team makes a good job every day.

The second variant is the AVERT2: the password is BENDS.
During 2015 the track has been extensively renovated and the bottom is very clean and smooth.
Twists and turns, but also technical sections with roots, perfect to pump the bike, but also you can jump all.
The draining qualities of the soil and cutting of trees by the local lumberjacks have made it the perfect location for when it rains.

Thanks to the wonderful work of the Pik&Pala Team we can find parts flow but also more technical, perfect to improve the quality but also the forearm workout.
We recommend this bike park for riders who want to improve their technique on tracks that allow you either to increase your level of guidance that take more and more confidence on roots and stones.

You can see videos here: VIDEO1  VIDEO2  VIDEO3

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