Bike Festival Riva 2016.

Each year the weekend April 29-May 1 there was the Ziener Bike Festival Garda Trentino, now in its 23rd edition.
The 40,000 visitors had dispozione an Open Air with 160 stands and 300 brands.
We had the opportunity to be present at this event and be able to breathe the air for three days of MTB.The main theme of this event were EBike, for the uninitiated the assisted bicycles.


In this regard, we were happy to attend the presentation of new technologies SHIMANO: more and more forward-looking, and they see the mechanics to electronics flanked allowing both the Pro and the average user to leverage their MTB.
Marco followed us during the presentation and explained in detail the news.
We loved the air of "home Shimano", competent persons but to the hand, available at clarification and are always ready to joke, it was like staying with family.
Soon we will write an article dedicated to the new Shimano.

On Friday, we could meet in person some of the big names who welcomed us in their booth.
One of the first who believed in our project was QLOOM: a Swiss technical clothing brand.
Didi was really kind to us and even recommended other emerging brands and valid with which to partner.

Another positive experience was COMMENCAL.
We met Jeremy, who made us feel at ease immediately!
He told us some beautiful trails that are located a few kilometers from the festival and with a wonderful view of the lake.
I was sad to say goodbye before leaving.

Another enjoyable encounter was with VITTORIA, a brand entirely made in Italy.
Carlo has told us about his experience using the tires and suggested giving us various mounts a pair of tires to test.
Another emerging brand is TERZA ROSSA.

Their EBX (Electric Bike Cross)have really hit! 
Faith did a dive in the past talking about his passion for motocross, in fact these bikes are born to be free-floor, recreating the same motocross obstacles.
In Bologna the first freefloor Bike Park, where we will enjoy ourselves with these Cross Bike!

Another interesting meeting was FORMULA.
While I cuddled a beautiful Cocker Spaniel, Faith was impressed by the desire to promote the brand and focus a lot on experimentation.
We all know that the synthetic oil is more powerful mineral oil: Formula invented a new mineral hydraulic fluid with the same return as the synthetic one.
The Saturday night was really fun: Open Night of exhibitors with an atmosphere Western Rodeo, BBQ, Rock and cocktail and music starting at 22, 
the Riders Party !!
A truly entertaining but also instructive that we recommend to all riders!


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