Ispra Test Days.

On 16 and 17 April we went to the Test Days at Green Pump Park in Ispra, Varese.
A weekend of Test bike signed by ASD EMISSIONI ZERO, where there were the brands like Ghost Bikes, Cannondale and GT Bicycles.

The Green Pump Park in Ispra is very nice and complete: it has a dual pump track, a pump track for children, a rock garden, a jump and a XC track area.
I think it's the perfect place to test the bike, but also go to train all year, especially in winter for people used to turn in the bike park.

Thirty minutes available to test bikes, perfect for fun with friends and take the right confidence with the medium, but also realize it is the right bike to buy.

In addition to the bike brands were present Gravity Bike Lab, a shop specializing in Varese MTB world, members of the Gravity brand and Maikun, an emerging brand in the world of MTB but already famous in the field MBX.
Not many know that MAIKUN is a brand by the unique meaning: phonetically inspired by the ritual of initiation of new business typical of Asian culture, as a talisman, Maikun is fantasy name that embodies the idea of Silvia Romor to create unique products for technical features and design, developed with the support of riders and alternative to those on the market.
Maikun impressed us for agrressivo design templates and the quality of clothes.

Also present LMP DESIGN, the right guys to be contacted to customize your bike with eye-catching graphics and excellent quality.
We really liked their mudguard with stylish designs!
For years LMP Design is in the world of graphics.
They started with the airbrush helmets, cars and motorcycles up to the creation, development and production of graphic articles, technical and protective, and adhesives that do not, for motorcycles, bicycles or other.

had exhibited a dirt bike from NS of which I fell in love.
I look forward to NS in both tests to the store to come to Green Park Pum to try them!


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