Alpha handlebar.



Ride Alpha is a new brand components for Commencal.

I felt immediately at ease with this handlebar, I like to take a bend because it helps with the movement while on the jumps makes me feel stable and secure.

I recommend it for those on a budget but want a great handlebar!


At ride alpha, cockpit position is an obsession.

The handlebar is the direct extension of your body, the first thing you touch and the one that enables the feel of variations in the terrain. that’s why we’re obsessed!

The ride alpha handlebar was developed in order to offer the most intuitive shape possible and to simplify the handlebar adjustments in relation to the stem, but also to the brakes, shifters and other components.

Obviously, the material choice, the manufacturing and finish quality had to live up to our expectations; a top quality standard paired with an uncompromised reliability.


To make sure you don’t run out of variety,we offer a vibrant choice of colours. choose from dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, purple, orange and red.

Basically, the bar is low for a more aggressive position on the bike, fitted to the modern bikes and handlebar setups we tested on our favourite singletrack.

For full precision we use a laser-engraving with specific markers for every single component on the bar so you can get things positioned exactly where they need to be. No more stickers!

Whether you need to remove or a replace your levers, you will easily be able to put them back in position.

As usual with ride alpha products, the handlebar finish with its laser engraving, polished logo (with a micro-blazed anodised matte finish) reinforces the importance of things looking good.


The handlebars use aluminium 7075 triple-butted because this is a high-end alloy which lowers the weight to 300g while maintaining the reliability of a 780mm handlebar that you can easily shorten with precision thanks to the laser engraved markers.

With a functional and practical design,here are the figures:

- 5° up sweep

- 7° back sweep

- 20mm / 0,75" rise

Choose from dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, purple, orange and red.

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