Ergon BE3 Enduro.


ERGON BE3 ENDURO is the revolutionary backpack designed for Gravity, Enduro and All Mountain.
 It has a capacity of 10 l and weighs about 1260 gr.

Thanks to the BE system, this backpack has the capability to adapt perfectly to the body of the rider.

It is available in two sizes to accommodate all your needs and 4 different posterior back contact positions allow you to better adjust the load on your shoulders.

The straps that close on the front of the body with easy-to-use regulators are very useful and well-designed.
At the bottom there is a wider and more comfortable band, also adjustable, provided with two zipped pockets in perforated material where small items such as smartphones and keys can be stored.


At the top we find a larger pocket but fit the BP100 back protector, sold separately (unfortunately!).
 Two zippered pockets contain the straps to secure the helmet.

In the bottom there is a container for the supplied 2.5 liter water bag (BH250) and possibly the 1.5 liter one separately sold.

Below there is another pocket with two straps for the protectors (I brought the knee pads).

Rainproof protection completes the equipment of this backpack.


I am really happy and surprised by ERGON BE3, small size but great potential.
Products like this are now seen in the market: Ergon offers a well-studded backpack and accurate to details.

A compact backpack, but at the same time with the right space for the essential you need in a day with your bike.

A backpack, lasts a lifetime: I recommend this amazing BE3 by ERGON!


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