Arteria GT Terry.



Finally I found the right saddle for me!

Unfortunately, I always had problems with saddles: during the trail and the next day I had the classic pain "to the back" even when wearing protective clothing.
Often when I get back from work I take a bike ride anti stress and unfortunately does not enjoy it.
The Terry Artery women GT is on my bike since four months and I am very happy!
The pain "morning-after" has disappeared and when I happen to do a little tour just feel the pleasure of cycling.
I must admit that I happened to be away for a long weekend and on Monday I heard an ailment, but it was really light.


The Terry Arteria women GT knows perfectly woman's anatomy: its structure is designed to distribute and decrease the pressure evenly.
The material is soft, yet durable and breathable.
I love the aggressive and dynamic shape that ensures comfort even on technical trails with roots and rocks.
The cut in the middle of the saddle also prevents other problems (Girls know what I mean!).
I recommend it to all the girls who are uncomfortable with their saddle but also to those who want to increase the time of the rides!
Have fun! :)



More Athletic, More Comfortable, More Ergonomic. Designed for the female anatomy.

The Terry 3-Zone Comfort Principle is optimized to an athletic position and significantly improves the pressure relief in the critical areas, resulting in minimal discomfort on mountain bikes and racing bikes.
More Athletic, More Comfortable, More Ergonomic. 
All saddles are designed with a dynamic shape and an athletic look by sports scientist and ergonomist Dr. Kim Tofaute.

The thickness and firmness of the padding is specifically adjusted to every model. 
The gender-specific, anatomical adjustment is optimized resulting in significant pressure relief improvement in the critical areas for both men and women. 

All models in the Sport, Fitness and Touring Series come in 2 different widths for both genders.



Saddle Width: 9 - 12 cm - Arteria GT Women

Rails: CroMo silver

Upper Material/Cover: DuraLux-Surface made of microfibre

Workmanship: Handmade, AirCell Foam


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