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I finally tried on my DH bike the combination between 104 BCD TRACTION oval CHAINRINGS e BASH GUIDE by One Up Component.
I felt really well!
The oval chain ring promises more power and efficiency.
All bikes have a round chain ring: it transfers the motion or the rotation in a regular way.
The oval chain ring are created to better adapt the strength to muscle yield in the various stages of the ride.
Initially I haven't found any difference, but after some months I cannot live without it!
During the winter, I use to ride in local parks.
Riding (also few meters) is a pleasure because my Oval makes me do half the effort! Wow!
I tried the chain guide in a second time. I have to ride in a park full of jumps in Switzerland. I have to admit that without it I would break everything.
I thought to find everything broken after a shock. But, phew, it was like new!
The chain is like glued to the chain ring, always aligned in different positions and, when is wet, the sludge does not accumulate even.
With One Up components my chain is always in the right position and the bike is noiseless also on roots and stones.
Unfortunately the chain always troubled me! But now I'm really quiet!



Eliminate dropped chains forever and more than double your chainring life with the new OneUp Components Bash Guide.
As the trend for lower and slacker bikes continues, chainring protection is becoming even more important. The OneUp Bash Guide uses the same simple, one tool installation and adjustment as our best-selling ISCG05 Chain Guide, but adds more strength where you need it.
The OneUp Bash Guide was developed with input from EWS World Champions, Richie Rude and Jared Graves. Reinforced Nylon bash guards and a back plate cut from 8mm thick 7075-T6 aluminum, ensure that the OneUp Bash Guide can handle the biggest hits, but at a weight of only 102g (34T) you may forget it’s even there.
The first chain guide designed to be both Oval and Boost compatible.
Using unique countersunk spacers and M5 Torx bolts OneUp has developed the only 30T oval ring that works with all 104BCD cranks.
Our Oval design has 3 main benefits; traction, traction and more traction. Forget any of the power gain claims that you've heard from the road side of the sport. For mountain, oval rings provide a more constant torque to the rear wheel thereby reducing spinouts and stalls on tough climbs.






Weight: 87g 28-30T, 102g 32-34T, 105g 36T
Capacity: 28-36T
Chainline: 5.5mm adjustment
Mount: ISCG05
Color: Black and Green top guide pieces included
Material: 7075 aluminum, top guide glass reinforced thermoplastic

Material: 7075-T6
Weight: 51g (30T), 49g (32T), 51g (34T)



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