BA3 Evo Ergon.



Today I tried the backpack BA3 Evo Enduro by Ergon.
What I expect from a backpack of this type is: comfort, stability and capacity.
The BA3 Evo has everything and has become one of the essential things when I go out on a bike.
The extensible straps adapt to the width of the shoulders and an elastic waist belt is adjusted with one hand. The weight is evenly distributed and shoulders are lighter.
It has specific compartments for helmet and protections, blocked by the compression straps.


The BA3 Evo measures 50x40x25 to 15 liters, but you can increase capacity with additional 2 liters, for a total of 17 liters!
The interior includes 4 rooms and a separate pocket for camel bag.
The front pocket is used to place the tools needed as a pump, tubes and keys.
The back protector BP100 (sold separately) fits into a special pocket inside the backpack.


It weighs only 140g and fits to all Ergon backpacks and other brands.
With its flexibility and lightness he is able to adapt and follow all the movements but also does not weigh the rider.
It 'also equipped with a convenient and fast proof that thoroughly covers all the zippers.
I find very accurate all the details, especially the ability to adjust the straps to fit the width of the shoulders when the backpack is tight you do not notice wearing it.
I love it!



BA3 EvoFor the Gravity obsessed! The BA3 Evo Enduro is a compact day pack aimed at Enduro and All-Mountain use.

Customize the perfect fit by using the 4-step back fitting, self-adjusting shoulder straps, and elastic hip-belt with single hand adjustment.
The pack is available in two sizes to fit a variety of rider sizes. The BA3 Evo Enduro offers 15 liters of capacity, with an extra 2 liters of expansion.
On the outside of the pack, there is a vertical compartment for protectors, which also doubles as combined full face helmet / wet clothing compartment.
Compression straps on the bottom of the pack are suited for carrying protection. Inside the pack, there are 4 compartments and a separate pocket for a hydration bladder.
The inner-front section of the pack and elastic hip-belt have small pockets to keep tools, tubes, and a mini-pump organized.
A loop on the shoulder straps allows a phone holder to be fitted.


At only 140 grams, the BP100 is an ultra-lightweight back protector (140g) suitable for use in all Ergon backpacks, as well as backpacks from other manufacturers. The protector helps reduce the risk of injuries in the back area. Due to its compact design and flexibility, the protector still allows for rapid movement changes. The BP100 self-adjusts to the bodies shape. The 3-layer-construction is made from foam-concealed EPS which is developed, produced, and certified in Germany. CE EN 1621-2 (Level 1) safety certified.



Name: BA3 Evo Enduro
Use: Gravity, Enduro, All Mountain
Weight: ca. 1040 g*
Size: S L
Color: laser lemon, blue, red, black
Shoulder Straps Sizes: Small or Large
Volume:approx. 15 Liter + 2 Liter
Material: Nylon, Neopren, Polyester
Rain Cover: Included
Name: BP100
Use: Gravity, Enduro, All Mountain
Weight: ca. 140 g*
Size: One Size
Compatibility: Ergon MTB Enduro/Gravity Backpacks
Material: EPS – Expanded Polystyrene Foam


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