Fox Transfer.



The FOX TRANSFER is really a very smooth telescopic seatpost, easy to carry to the lowest position even if you weigh under 60kg.
Find the intermediate positions is immediate and precise, long your excursion, the positions are endless.
The ascent rate is top of the range, fastest at the right point to start pedaling without losing a second.
If you're looking for a certainty of FOX, responsiveness, precision and sensitivity, the FOX TRANSFER is the best telescopic seatpost for you.




- operated cable with quick release for easy installation and removal
- reduced pressure for the implementation of the remote control that allows to use the same strength is to compress that to extend it;
- easily reach speeds adjustable by remote control
- Two remote controls: under the handlebar (1x for single crown transmissions), or over the handlebars (for 2x and 3x transmissions).
- Available diameter 30.9 or 31.6
- Travel options: 100mm (4in), 125mm (5in), 150 mm (6in)
- Kashima coating



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